The Weeklies

Happy spring break! We have an odd but blessed week ahead! Monday & Tuesday at the beach, Wed-Thurs in our beautiful city Corvallis, and Friday & Saturday back at the beach! Do you have any plans this week? 20140324-135824.jpg

I am currently in the passenger seat with the window rolled down, heading to Lincoln City! Loren and I enjoyed a nice run this morning but were bummed that it turned out to be less than 8 miles. We then had a sweet surprise by a man we cherish; Allan! He gifted us with means to treat ourselves to a date this evening on the coast. Cannot express my deep gratitude. I feel so deeply loved by Jesus and do not want to take these moments for granted.

Last week we memorized and focused on 1 Corinthians 16:13. I can tell you, I loved it! It inspired and motivated me to move out of my comfort zone many times. Did you have any moments of bold strength, courageous love, or standing firm in the faith?

This week I will be memorizing & internalizing & focusing on the very next verse: 1 Corinthians 16:14 "And do everything with love."

Love. It's patient and kind, it doesn't boast nor is it rude! You know how easy it is to boast? I mean, about the little things we do, like emailing someone. I find myself boasting too often. Love doesn't do that.

It does not demand or even seek it's own way; even if it's certain that it's own way is best. It is not selfish -- I get to put my phone down when asked by my husband...not in "1 minute," but that immediate moment, when asked.

Love is humble, not proud --> it sees others as better than self, it accepts other peoples love with joy {aka love doesn't reject people's blessing of truth, compliments, gifts}.

Love is not jealous -- when my friend has an opportunity to drive to Canada for her anniversary, I don't get to be jealous! I get to be happy for her!

Love is not irritable {boy howdy do I need to work on this!}. When I am making dinner or working on a task and Loren wants me to pause and pay attention to him {instead of "multi task"}, I get to choose light hearted joy, not irritation. OR when my computer doesn't do what I want it to {aka I don't know how to use it}, I don't get to throw a tantrum of irritation!

Love keeps no record of being wronged, so let's not bring up last week's hurt and hold it over that persons head.

Love does not rejoice about injustice, but rejoices when truth wins out. No gossiping - that's injustice. No rejoicing in sexual impurities. No rejoicing when someone "gets what they deserved." No joy over bullying or harassment of any kind. No, let us only rejoice when the truth wins out. When love wins.

Love never gives up. Never loses faith. Is always hopeful. Endures through every circumstance. Let's do everything with love! And when we are tempted not to, we will remember 1 Corinthians 16:14 and we will be courageous, standing firm in our faith with the strength of Jesus.

What is amazing to me is that love will never fail me. Every time I choose love, I know that I will not be failed. And neither will you, contrary to popular belief.

Will you memorize and focus on this verse with me this week? Which areas of love do you need to be reminded of most?

20140324-142430.jpg On our run this morning I snapped a few photos. Surprisingly, not too blurry! We saw 3 deer, crossed 4 creeks, and climbed lots of hills! It is a great opportunity for us to encourage and cheer one another on.


The Weeklies: Now Including Exercise Goals!

Here are our menu/evening plans, exercise goals, and a verse to memorize. Feel free to join me in any of these weekly goals! I will also post any links to recipes for the meals. What are you eating? Do you have any plans this week? menu & plans

We used this recipe for Corned Beef: click HERE.

A little green salad for this St Patty's day, and Irish coffee made by Jesse:

Green salad & irish coffee

Friday's gluten free pizza recipe.

Memorize this week's verse:


This week I am praying for discernment and protection; to be on guard. I fully believe that committing to be on guard means that I am soaking in Jesus truths and promises, clothing myself in His armor. I ask Jesus for His spirit and angels to guard me and my heart, as well as my husband's. I pray that we will stand firm in our faith in Jesus Christ, even when this life threatens our joy -- He has so many promises that we get to stand on, firmly. Promises of peace, patience, and fullness of joy. I pray that I stand firmly in my faith, choosing not to have any hints of boasting or slander, knowing my identity is wrapped in Jesus. When I stand firm in my faith, believe that Truth, I have no need to prove myself anywhere.

Sometimes, being courageous is telling a trusted friend that you are struggling. Sometimes being courageous is letting others see you're broken and a complete mess {which was me from Saturday 3 am to Sunday 10 pm}. And that's okay, because well, we're human. Courageous is forgiving someone. Courageous is praying for that person that persecutes you. Courageous is reaching out to someone who is lonely. Courageous is smiling at the grumpy store employee. Courageous is walking in love when it's easier to walk in something other.

This week, I will be courageous in the way I speak with people -- I will declare truths, calling out the good in others. I will courageously declare the gifts in people.

I will be strong; not in my own strength, but in Jesus. I must rely on His spirit to carry me through each day. I will strongly lean into His grace, remembering that sometimes "strong" means being vulnerable. Being strong can be recognizing I am weak, and in need of Jesus.

I pray these things for you, too. Please memorize and internalize this with me?

Read HERE why I encourage memorizing scripture.

Verse & Menu!

"We will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of His body, the church." Ephesians 4:15

How do we speak the truth in love? Some {I fall into this category too often} assume speaking truth means speaking in a blunt and concise manner, throwing a hyperbole out into the air, hoping to pierce the heart of the "sinner." As I reflected over this verse this morning, I was reminded that speaking truth without love is useless; in fact it is detrimental and will destroy. I was reminded that throwing a hyperbole of truth at someone's face will not inspire action or repentance or love, but the very opposite.

Speaking the truth in love doesn't always come easy. But if we remember how Paul instructed us to be loving, we can confidently lean into Jesus' spirit for strength. Click here to be reminded of how to love others.

Speaking with harsh rudeness, speaking with agenda of self-seeking, speaking with an impatient or critical tone, speaking without kindness or with jealousy...those all all opposite of love. Let us both check our hearts: am I bitter and entitled or am I seeking the better good for them, with a pure heart?

{As Christians we don't often forget that we are to hold each other accountable as brothers and sisters. But we are too quick to forget that we are on the other side of that equation -- that we are asking others to hold us accountable. Proverbs repeats time and time again how wise it is for us to accept instruction, to receive correction with a joyful heart. I pray that as Christ's body, we can all grow in our understanding and learn to love correction, and that we can learn to correct lovingly. We walk and breathe by grace, so why would we dare correct without it, lacking the very thing that keeps us breathing & hoping & strengthened? Know that I am a big part of this "we."}

Also! I have been really excited to be flourishing in speaking the truth. I mean, flat out just telling people they are LOVED. The last two waitresses I have been in contact with were obviously stressed out and flustered. People to wait on, meals to serve, orders to take, demands to answer. I decided to stare both of them (these were two different meals) square in the eyes, and these words fell right out of my mouth: "You are doing great! Do you know how loved you are? ... I mean, you are LOVED." The first waitress smiled and then I think once it sunk in is when her face truly softened. Her eyes stared back at mine. I thought she might cry. Her shoulders relaxed and she said "Thank you. So much." I am pretty sure Jesus just rocked her heart there in that restaurant.

I tell my girls every time I see them how deeply loved they are. Not flippantly, but I grab their shoulders and I remind them how loved and valuable they are. Friends! Join me in this. Nothing bad can come of it. Speak those truth words in love to people and I assure you that you will grow in EVERY WAY more and more like Jesus.

Read HERE why I memorize scripture, and you should too!

Weekly Verse & Menu

20140224-152227.jpg Romans 12:21 "Don't let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good." We can do this, friends!

As Christians, we see bad everywhere. We see evil lurking in almost every corner, engulfing our cities, and bursting through our news. I would say that too often our response is no better than the evil we are witnessing. Too often, we see injustice done by a human, and we curse and hate the "criminal" or "doer." But is that not evil itself? To curse and to hate?

When my family {or anyone} hurts me and brings me pain, my first response isn't always to conquer that evil and pain by doing good. It isn't usually to pray that God will bless them, "turn my cheek," being patient and kind, or putting on the eyes of Jesus Christ and seeing the evil-doer as human. My first response is all too often to throw pain right back, whether through a facial expression, hurtful words, or even my thoughts. When I respond to evil with evil, I am believing that the way of Satan is better and will accomplish more than the way of Christ. In that, I am being conquered by evil. No evil will accomplish any good. I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit, giving me access to the strength needed for this.

May we accept this invitation to conquer evil by doing good. Let's submit to Jesus, who knows what's best for our hearts. May we walk in the purest Love, pouring His beautiful and loving Spirit out, destroying the very evil that threatens our joy.

Read why I encourage memorizing scripture.

This Week's Weeklies: Peace

living in peace This week's verse is Romans 12:18. It is a tough one! Not so difficult to memorize, but tough to live by. "Do all  that you can to live in peace with everyone." What about the family member that isn't so family? What about the coworker that seems to purposely get under my skin? What about the waitress that is paying no attention to you and all of her attention to the table buying hundreds of dollars in bottles of wine? (This happened last night). What about what about what about... Live in peace with everyone.

When I think of living in peace, immediately I might think that could mean compromising some of God's instruction for the sake "peace" in a disagreement. But that's not true, do not get caught in that snare. We can easily disagree and remain living in peace - it is about the way we treat & view one another. With love, in love, through love. How do I look at you? Am I looking at you through a lens of anger, frustration, hurt, bitterness, self protection, anything but love?

When we look at one another through the lens of love (patience, kindness, without jealousy or boastfulness, without demanding my way, without irritability, without a record of the wrongs you've done to me..) we can easily have a conversation where disagreement is present but so is peace - they can co-reside. It all starts with knowing who I am: where does my identity lie? In the offense & their words or opinions? Or does it lie in Jesus and His love for me?

If you are like me and wear the name "Christ," we cannot excuse our behavior and our {lack of} peace with others. I am so good at that! Too good, unfortunately, at justifying my stressful relationships, my unforgiving heart and pointing a finger. But I cannot blame the difficult people. It is in my hands, it is our responsibility to do all that we can to live in peace. We give 100% and expect 0%.

We cannot live offended and never tell the person who committed the offense; how unfair, right? I've been learning this over the last two years. Learning it's a choice to be offended and it's also my responsibility to attempt to bring peace to the relationship. Wouldn't you want a friend or sister to let you know how you hurt them?

I invite you to join me: think through your life, the people in your life. Where is there a lack of peace and how can you work towards peace? It may even be as simple as praying for that person and asking Jesus to renew your heart and the way you view them. Let's do this together! Remember that fighting for peace doesn't mean compromising righteousness or truth. In fact, the very opposite. If we disagree on a behavior and you lovingly and gently stand for what you believe to be true, encouraging me to join you in that behavior, peace is an overwhelming byproduct.

Peace is possible in all relationships. Peace is attainable through every circumstance. Even when it surpasses understanding. Peace is worth it.

{CLICK HERE to read why I memorize a verse a week!}

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This Week's Menu

Monday: Los Agaves in Sisters, OR

Tuesday: Avacado turkey burgers {kale buns} and fruit salad {before Youth Group}

Wednesday: Chicken wrapped in bacon and quinoa salad {before Jeremy's basketball game}

Thursday: Crocpot Roast & babysit

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

Saturday: Mom's birthday dinner {before soccer game}

What is on your menu this week?


This Week's Verse {memorize it with me!}

20140119-130801.jpg Read HERE why I choose to memorize scripture!

The menu for the week: fruits & veggies! As a church and city, we are participating in a week of prayer and fasting. Us Brenners are doing the Daniel fast, as well as no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Denying our flesh' desires to remind ourself who is King. Also, if you're in Corvallis, we will be having evening worship and prayer times, every night at 6 pm at Cross Roads Church! Come seek Jesus' face with us.