This Week's Weeklies: Peace

living in peace This week's verse is Romans 12:18. It is a tough one! Not so difficult to memorize, but tough to live by. "Do all  that you can to live in peace with everyone." What about the family member that isn't so family? What about the coworker that seems to purposely get under my skin? What about the waitress that is paying no attention to you and all of her attention to the table buying hundreds of dollars in bottles of wine? (This happened last night). What about what about what about... Live in peace with everyone.

When I think of living in peace, immediately I might think that could mean compromising some of God's instruction for the sake "peace" in a disagreement. But that's not true, do not get caught in that snare. We can easily disagree and remain living in peace - it is about the way we treat & view one another. With love, in love, through love. How do I look at you? Am I looking at you through a lens of anger, frustration, hurt, bitterness, self protection, anything but love?

When we look at one another through the lens of love (patience, kindness, without jealousy or boastfulness, without demanding my way, without irritability, without a record of the wrongs you've done to me..) we can easily have a conversation where disagreement is present but so is peace - they can co-reside. It all starts with knowing who I am: where does my identity lie? In the offense & their words or opinions? Or does it lie in Jesus and His love for me?

If you are like me and wear the name "Christ," we cannot excuse our behavior and our {lack of} peace with others. I am so good at that! Too good, unfortunately, at justifying my stressful relationships, my unforgiving heart and pointing a finger. But I cannot blame the difficult people. It is in my hands, it is our responsibility to do all that we can to live in peace. We give 100% and expect 0%.

We cannot live offended and never tell the person who committed the offense; how unfair, right? I've been learning this over the last two years. Learning it's a choice to be offended and it's also my responsibility to attempt to bring peace to the relationship. Wouldn't you want a friend or sister to let you know how you hurt them?

I invite you to join me: think through your life, the people in your life. Where is there a lack of peace and how can you work towards peace? It may even be as simple as praying for that person and asking Jesus to renew your heart and the way you view them. Let's do this together! Remember that fighting for peace doesn't mean compromising righteousness or truth. In fact, the very opposite. If we disagree on a behavior and you lovingly and gently stand for what you believe to be true, encouraging me to join you in that behavior, peace is an overwhelming byproduct.

Peace is possible in all relationships. Peace is attainable through every circumstance. Even when it surpasses understanding. Peace is worth it.

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This Week's Menu

Monday: Los Agaves in Sisters, OR

Tuesday: Avacado turkey burgers {kale buns} and fruit salad {before Youth Group}

Wednesday: Chicken wrapped in bacon and quinoa salad {before Jeremy's basketball game}

Thursday: Crocpot Roast & babysit

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

Saturday: Mom's birthday dinner {before soccer game}

What is on your menu this week?