The Weeklies: Now Including Exercise Goals!

Here are our menu/evening plans, exercise goals, and a verse to memorize. Feel free to join me in any of these weekly goals! I will also post any links to recipes for the meals. What are you eating? Do you have any plans this week? menu & plans

We used this recipe for Corned Beef: click HERE.

A little green salad for this St Patty's day, and Irish coffee made by Jesse:

Green salad & irish coffee

Friday's gluten free pizza recipe.

Memorize this week's verse:


This week I am praying for discernment and protection; to be on guard. I fully believe that committing to be on guard means that I am soaking in Jesus truths and promises, clothing myself in His armor. I ask Jesus for His spirit and angels to guard me and my heart, as well as my husband's. I pray that we will stand firm in our faith in Jesus Christ, even when this life threatens our joy -- He has so many promises that we get to stand on, firmly. Promises of peace, patience, and fullness of joy. I pray that I stand firmly in my faith, choosing not to have any hints of boasting or slander, knowing my identity is wrapped in Jesus. When I stand firm in my faith, believe that Truth, I have no need to prove myself anywhere.

Sometimes, being courageous is telling a trusted friend that you are struggling. Sometimes being courageous is letting others see you're broken and a complete mess {which was me from Saturday 3 am to Sunday 10 pm}. And that's okay, because well, we're human. Courageous is forgiving someone. Courageous is praying for that person that persecutes you. Courageous is reaching out to someone who is lonely. Courageous is smiling at the grumpy store employee. Courageous is walking in love when it's easier to walk in something other.

This week, I will be courageous in the way I speak with people -- I will declare truths, calling out the good in others. I will courageously declare the gifts in people.

I will be strong; not in my own strength, but in Jesus. I must rely on His spirit to carry me through each day. I will strongly lean into His grace, remembering that sometimes "strong" means being vulnerable. Being strong can be recognizing I am weak, and in need of Jesus.

I pray these things for you, too. Please memorize and internalize this with me?

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