The ugly thing of pride

To trust in my own abilitiesrather than depend upon the One who made me a mere possibility is complete debility. To think we have the nobility to walk around with invisible crowns & pronounce that we own the ground pride. It creates a spiritual blindness, an attitude of spiritual rightness birthing in us an inherent unknindness while we assume we carry the brightness of the day.. and in reality, we are nothing near righteous.

All our lives we have been taught: our goal is to accomplish and attain anything we want, as long as we put our minds to it, believing in ourselves is where we will find our strength becoming defined. Oh the lies we live by. Bring myself glory as I create a small, unimportant story where the category is "me" and I am failing to see who I really am.

We are frail and we are helpless full of so much selfishness as we strut around with this arrogance subconsciously stating that we are excellent. I am limited and prideful, removed from the reality of my blind fried dried heart.

Shall I decide, once again, to abide in my Father who has supplied all that I am and ever will be? To override my pride and confide in myself that I am a simple human in need of a grace-filled Solution? That the illusion of myself is literally an illusion, and come back to the conclusion that the execution of His Son covers it all and I gave no contribution. No contribution. Without Him I am nothing, not even loving: I am nothing. He loves me as is simply because I am His: pride, you are dismissed.

<I am currently preparing to teach a class on pride and so..I was inspired.>