Chase Him.

She is unusually beautifulHer words are gracious to my heart.  movable. More loved than she can comprehend Her I will always defend, as my love transcends, expending so much energy, too much for her to apprehend.

She makes my heart swell with joy every minute with her I enjoy.

I tend to ache, as I shouldnt I must remember He will not let her fall, He couldnt. He defends the helpless the innocent.

Held in His hands she is. Her life is delicate and precious

He looks at her and He is compelled by her beauty. Not the beauty others see but the beauty that protrudes from beneath. Although, skin so soft an appearance that radiates, her heart is what takes His breath away. It is more elegant than any priceless bouquet.

Never wanting to  depart He gazes upon her and sees the most beautiful of art

Her heart is so pure full of life and adventure yet gentle and tender. He will protect her detecting the enemy rejecting its evil, never will He neglect her. He has much more power than I ever will showering His love and goodness over her with thrill until it is fully instilled in her.

Oh the depth of love.

Daughter of the King I pray you know the value that He brings. As spring leaves & summer arrives, seasons change but His love thrives. He aches for you to turn your face so He can affirm the place in His heart He has made for you. Before you were created, He chose you. He knows your thoughts & secrets: He composed your intricate being into the most beautiful sequence. Oh beautiful, child Chase Him with all that you are all that you will be. Let your life be a race, running into His arms' embrace where it is completely safe. There you will find abounding grace.