"Victory Over Pride" for bonfire @ winema

A thorn in your sidemy rights as a human denied, I cry because you so easily throw me aside. I have decided to believe I am worth nothing, just as you have implied.

To your life I am an ongoing hassle while I wallow here, in my sorrow filled castle.

Anytime I speak all I hear is critique making my knees so weak my heart is becoming bleak.

Genetically pathetic I was born into this mess told I am nothing less than anything you possess. as I obsess and repress over this depressing mess I wallow in self pity creating my own selfish city. Letting the world tell me Just who I was going to be: My very own enemy.

A compliment never accepted a favor never requested Rejection I always expected.

As I look back, I see: I lived as though the Son never resurrected I acted as though my life was unaffected Because I saw myself as completely wretched. Saying that everyone could have a whole heart thru Him, But mine was to remain dissected.

Prideful is that to act like I am a thorn to everyone born, to see myself as such a big deal reveals my view of self as unreal.. Bubbling with pride I craved to think outside of myself. I once relied on my own pitiful being but now I am seeing I am a daughter of the King. And without him I am nothing. Oh how freeing.

To depend on Someone greater than I who made the stars, the sun, the great blue sky. I now can accept a well-meant compliment I now can accept The fact that I am blessed. The difference between then and now, Jesus as the lover of my soul, I do allow.

My identity belongs to Christ For He has paid quite the price.

Your value & mine are defined By a loving Savior so kind, so gentle and true, And this loving Savior is waiting for you.