Home Sick

"And I saw the holy city,the new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband."

A piercing bright light began shattering the thick layer of filthy, dark residue we didnt even know existed.

This light brought to us the reality of the present darkness. The present darkness that we sit in daily, constantly being bathed with evil. We have been walking around blindly aimlessly going about life, as the enemy immersed us in his evil schemes of distraction and entertainment, selfishness and pride.

As the debris of our sin evaded the earth our awry path we walked on was revealed. Our focus had been off as we wheeled through fields of self-glory, slightly concealed. While waiting for this New Earth our emphases were all wrong: He beckoned us to move and we sat still in our coffee shops and restaurants, debating and talking until our words was all that filled the air, as if speaking was our only skill. Our own voice gave us thrill. Theology and doctrine although important, they turn into our arson, distracting us with a flame that is irrelevant the fire of confusion and commotion, as if the devil himself injected us with his potion of diversion and bitter notion. We painted pictures we wrote poetry, none of these things wrong until we do them uncontrollably, and socially we become locally known for them: they become our identity. "In the name of the Lord we do these things" but in the name of my own is where the glory rings. Our focus was off, here on earth putting our worth in things of this world from the day our mother gave birth.

Our hearts were pure as we were sure we were bringing the Lord the glory He deserved. A perfectly patient God, He endured our human attempts, He softly smiled at our demeanor and whispered directions to our premature souls. I watched this unfold as our hearts unrolled and ascended to meet our God. Time was stagnant yet moving quicker than ever, We were in a whirlwind of something unreal as uur heads were bowed our knees were bent yet we could see the beauty be told.

Swiftly every last breathing creature was interrupted deeply. As the shattering light exploded the sky the earth itself erupted with a quake, shaking vigorously.. a deep laughter bellowed throughout the planet, from the inner core bringing all beings to a frozen tremble. A tremble of joy, intermixed with a reverent fear for the Holiest of holies was near.

The indescribable beauty of the New Jerusalem descended. As God penetrated the very seams of the universe the present darkness fled. The darkness that gripped us during the dark days of suffering, amid our pain and our trials smothering our joy at an attempt to destroy all hope, it scrambled abruptly, immediately. It knew it held no place here in this New Holy City.

We were ready for this as the bride who walks down the aisle her eyes locked on her groom. Nothing will separate them nothing will come between them.

A loud shout from the throne room shook His people with deep emotion, inexplainable. No words to match their soul's cheer. "His home has been made among His people He will live with them and they will be His people." God himself.

No more weeping. Only leaping of great joy. No more death or sorrow or crying or pain We will live in a perfect terrain filled with harmony consumed with perfect love. All evil will be no more the veil is no longer torn and we have been fully restored.