A Feast of Joy.

a broken familytorn into shambles what family member to be with it is quite the gamble. both parents are so dear yet, each other, they cannot be near: bickering chaos rises, the tension so thick smiles together have come to a demise it seems as though my time is compromised. i am in trouble for being with my dad, or so she implies.

Manipulation: a trip of guilt my once "healthy" parent has been unbuilt. once a beautiful rose but has shifted and begun to wilt slowly falling into silt.

jealousy it is a vicious disease as she begs and as she pleas bringing such displease the opposite of peace. wheezing, is my heart as she squeezes it with her words her painful words of jealousy.

His anger rages should be kept in a cage as he engages in a frightening outrage. the alcohol drips between his teeth and the bulging veins beneath his skin need a sheath. as he spits and he snarls his words could cut ice. he is proof that the tongue is sharp as a knife. his hatred towards her is daunting the bitterness is visible, is haunting but also taunting.

Christmas has come.the holidays: "a time of cheer."

as the tears roll down my face i think of the previous years. a broken family torn into shambles what family member to be with it is quite the gamble.

as i lie in bed i feel bipolar. my fear of the nearing holiday appears but joy then reveres, as my sincere heart craves the atmosphere, i take a stand and make it clear: i have married the man of my dreams in that thought alone my heart beams.

a new family, the beginning of firsts filled with extreme daydreams redeeming the past theme of supreme bleak. daydreams that are actually reality and become normality. it brings vitality.

a feast of joy has begun: on August the eleventh my heart spun as it was won and that will never be undone. i have tasted a bit of heaven.