HE IS A Dad.

aches and painsbursting throughout my bones and my veins. my heart pounds as my mind hounds my mouth what to say. i want to scream i want to cry extreme daydreams fog my mind's eye. a cloud threatens my vision straining each decision as each incision cuts so deep into my aching heart. division. one cut into two. i never envisioned such derision to come from you.

i look high up above and then down below it hurts too much to let it go. i cannot let such agony consume my soul once again i cannot allow this unravel me as a whole and you i cannot control. my muscles. they complain. my bones. they break. why have you forsaken us?

denying an obvious mistake. your child's body erupts with an earthquake. her tears gush forth from deep within her soul tears of agony of strife confusion and pain. a contusion of the heart protruding from her posterior vein. unexplainable misery a depth you'll never grasp; indescribable anguish torment & torture. affliction. because of this affliction my addiction to my Father in Heaven takes flight, it amplifies.

where is the beauty? it is here: it is in the fact that i have a King who writes love letters to a broken soul just like me. his love knows no bounds abounding, around me covering me in a cloak of comfort and peace. i am drowning in such Love it is absolutely profound. i am surrounded by a playground of Words unbroken promises overwhelm and astound me unbroken promises from my King. He swings me off my feet sweetly sings to me, my soul to weep of joy. in Him I am finally complete.

He is anything good He is everything beautiful He has made himself clear and understood.

never will He defile me for He is my Father my Dad my King.


<made with compassion towards many hurting girls>