scars and fears

I find that the more I seekthe more I grow I tend to feel the scars that do not show.

Fear of rejection fear of being wrong. Fear of being told how "chubby" and ridiculous I truly am. Fear of lies that I believe as true. Fear of letting down the people I love most.

Knowing what I should do knowing what to pursue knowing in my heart what is noble and true, I still sit and wonder I still sit and ponder if my mind is really just a big smelly slu.

I want to be honest I want to share my opinion I want to show you His light; But the fears caused by past pains, past sleepless nights, past battle scars from that treacherous fight, they still remain they still burn they still remind me of the pain that I could feel once again.

So the question is: how do I move on? how do I fight those fears? those tears once shed, those sears of pain of sorrow of dread, how do we rid of them and move ahead?