CHANGE IS UPON US My friends, my family, my community, my readers!

It has been a year since the domain BrennerBunch was purchased by yours truly. I liked this name, I enjoyed this name, and I purchased it hoping to fall madly in love with it, planning to grow into it. But I didn't. To many, this change means nothing. To some, it may mean confusion and annoyance. To me, it means: fresh, simple, clean, honest.

The decision to change my blog name and url has not been easy. Mainly because I know all of the work it will entail. I have gained more followers/readers this year than any other year of the 6 I have been blogging, and I know that this change will lose some of them. But this decision is one I want to make, as I pursue writing more seriously - the passion and burning to write has never been as strong as it is now. I desire to stop denying it and pushing it to the back burner.

My hope was to lead you through this transition as smoothly as possible so that I do not lose you! You inspire me. I write for Him, but for you too.

Here is what to expect in the next few weeks:

  • a new URL:
  • a new blog name: Natalie Brenner Writes
  • a theme, direction: learning to fall in love with His love letter
  • a different look
  • fewer categories
  • social media handles back to: Natalie Brenner

Here is what I invite you to:

  • email me if/when things aren't working (this is a big process)
  • update any tabs you have with my lovely site
  • subscribe by email again & share the new website
  • comment on posts, become more of a community with me
  • I figure this out and transition it all

I sure do hope you'll join me in this transition! I like to keep things simple and honest.

these pages

I cannot promise to post 3 times a week; I attempted this and discovered that I end up writing just to write - not writing because I have something to share.

These pages are about how He, Jesus, is transforming me through His love letter - also known as The Bible. These pages will have the overflow of time spent with Him in the stillness and the quiet, while chaos and brokenness continues to exist in this world. I share my heart, vulnerably and honestly, on these pages with the wild dream that you may fall in love with Him and His love letter. I write because words change lives, words brought this world into motion, and His voice is available to us all - my crazy hope is that you encounter Him and together, we learn more about His love for us.

Learning to fall in love with His love letter,

Natalie Brenner

PS: sneak peak of the new logo:


natalie brenner writes logo