Spoken Word: Jesus's Ministry

Ten Mile Christian Middle School CampLuke 19:10 "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." Luke 15 parables Day 3 - the Ministry and Death of Jesus

These are just the words I spoke last night - it was my favorite night. All about Jesus coming for those we don't expect. He came for the least, the imperfect, the forgotten. He came for those we call outcasts, we deem unworthy, and throw out of our presence because "they are too dirty." Jesus seeks out the dirty and broken and bedraggled. He embraces them. He came for them Think about this question: who in your life is the least? Who do you count unworthy? Who are you throwing stones at? Those, my friends, are the least and the last.

This is geared towards middle school students. Easily my favorite one of the week - and I guess it was theirs too, because many students told me so! Enjoy these words; I wrote this by the power of prayer.

- - -

I see you- always standing against the wall, crossing your fingers, hoping no one will call your name. Wishing to blend in instead of be picked on. To them you are nothing at all: you are so small. You have found calm in withdrawing. You keep to yourself and never would tell a single soul of your living nightmare; others would only laugh reminding you that they really just don't care. The words of your peers sear straight into your heart, steering deeper than anyone knew possible. Their sneers make it clear that their goal is to see you bleed tears. For you are nothing at all: you are so terribly small. The joke of the season seems to be that you have no reason to exist. Theirs scoffs jolt you; another sliding remark you must shake off.

But I see you.

Your parents aren't much better. They have pounded it into your head you'll never amount to anything, not ever. Their neglect screams louder than any forced words, skirting around this reality deepens your hurt, there are scars on your heart, deeply burned. Freedom of any sort lacks. On your back you pack a load of self-hatred, you are shackled in gloom so dark no flower of freedom would dare to bloom. You feel like withering.

Your soul aches, everyone's remarks are tweezers slowly picking at your heart tearing you apart. There will soon truly be nothing. If only you could runaway.. restart.

Your entire being turns to vapor.

You're lost and your lonely, in need of a Savior. Someone to choose you, call you their Beloved. You crave to be sought after and wanted, to no longer be thrust aside, crushed on all sides, hushed especially when you cry.

Oh my soul. You don't go without being seen.

You will be blown away. I have some News for you: from the cross, you are offered amazing grace. The King of Kings has been disgraced, broken and poured out for you. He erases the value they gave, replacing it with His life when He rose from the grave. No longer do you have to be enslaved, on His heart your name is engraved. He came for the last, the least, the forgotten- embracing all who join Him at the bottom. The bedraggled & abused the broken and used: He came for all of you. Claiming you as His own, you no longer need to carry shame. Shame is undone, let your heart burn aflame because this dark world He overcame.

He has chosen to flood you with Love by the shedding of His blood. His blood covers you child, breathe Life through your lungs.

And know: that nothing but by His pure devotion: you are chosen.

the life and death of jesus