"I AM"

"I AM loveI AM grace. I am joy, the One who has placed before you a race, as I chase after you with arms craving to embrace you."

"I AM your Creator. I made you with perfection just as you are, yet I see self-rejection your dislike toward your body which breaks My heart for you are a reflection of ME. To cast rejection upon yourself is to project it in My direction as well."

"I AM your Friend. Your personal Comforter, the One who will mend, defend, and extend unending love. On Me and Me alone, you can depend. I will not forsake you. Only will I remake you but always for the better. In many ways, you will break but I will be there as your Begetter, comforting you in ways I made you to be comforted. For only I truly know your heart's lullaby. I AM your Friend more than you can comprehend."

"I AM the One you betray. As you go along through your day claiming a display, carrying My name, you bring dishonor to Me, shame. You curse those around you, leading strangers further astray. You choose to disobey creating in Me a deep dismay. On My heart your soul weighs: you are neither hot nor cold, yet just as I have said before out of My mouth I will spit you and from there you will not be restored. Do not forget this Truth: your life is but a vapor."

"I AM the man who stands at your Father's right hand, the man who was scorned wearing a crown of thorns as my Father above mourned. This was the plan since I had been born."

"I AM everlasting casting an invitation into the best eternity without limitation. I can restore any situation which results in a beautiful exultation. Come away with Me get up off your knees & venture with Me oversea and through the trees. I will show you grace embellished as I embrace you with cherished love. Come away today, never to decay.. for into a new creation you are being made."