I Believe In You: Easter Sunday

“Our desires it would seemare not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures fooling about with ambition, sex, and drink. Offered to us is joy, infinite, but like children we are ignorant stuck in the mud, making pies in the slum, we cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at sea we humans are far too easily pleased.” {C.S Lewis quote, adjusted}

If only we would put down our lust and pride and greed.

We choose to be stuck on the sideline, fans of sorts, not fully living sometimes for an entire lifetime. We pace back and forth walking through muck with mud on our feet, we step in the gunk of sin often followed by a careless shrug. Will we ever get unstuck? Settling for the mud-pies before our eyes our faith slowly dies as we sit there and we sigh wallowing in self-pity, ready to say goodbye living a life we secretly despise. Our sins and mistakes tend to terrorize because our faith in Jesus was compromised, paralyzed by the lies that Satan authorized we again choose to settle for things that dissatisfy. It’s a circle of true dismay; a disarray that our own Savior we would betray.

{The Father's heart}: Let loose those things you hold so dear I can diffuse them, do not fear. Your schooling, your job, your career those are things that won’t come near what I have planned for you. Your paycheck, your dreams and goals so clear, put them down and let Me steer.

Let go of your entitlement to pain and hurt, the bitterness that grows will only exert, stealing your joy and revealing  defeat, I invite you to be truly complete. Being complete in Me means letting go of the facade of “entitled”, which actually bridles, and instead put on the title of "My Beloved child."

{Self}: I am often confused with the offer at stake: that I might deny my flesh, down to every last vertebrae? And that would bring me freedom, every single day? It makes no sense to this cultures way, where life is about me no matter what people say.

{Jesus's heart}: You have been walking around a broken world staring at your feet, bound and furled with dirt. May I wipe your feet, cleanse them clean? “Until I wash them, you won’t belong to Me.” {John 13:8} It is an invitation, I’m on my knees I desperately want to remove the debris. Your feet I will scrub, your heart serene, keep your eyes on Me, the life I want to give is yours to see: it’s going to be wild, completely free. Can I be your core identity? I will restore your life unto Me.

Let me lead you into victory, washing misery off your feet. You are being made holy, redeemed through Me.

I am calling you off the sidelines, come and follow, shake loose the mud choose Me today and tomorrow. Recommit the life you once gave surrender your whole heart, I rose to save. Don’t you remember? I conquered the grave!

Believe Me, Beloved Child, in you I believe.


I Believe In You @ Corvallis Church