Simple Decorative Pillow Case

I've been wanting some pillows for our couches & I can't seem to find any good deals! So I figured I would make some.

1. Found a lovely $0.25 pillow at an estate sale:

20131019-135756.jpg Measures 14 x 14 inches

2. Found some fabric, bought half a yard.

3. I measured and cut a 14 x 32 inch piece. (14 is the size of the pillow and then 14 x 2 + 4 -- 14 x 32). So if your pillow is 16 x 16, you would cut a piece 16 x 36.


4. Hem the two short sides. Lay the fabric right side down with a short side towards you. For my pillow this was the 16" sides. Measure and iron a 1/4" hem on both sides. Fold each side over another 1/4" (to hide any unfinished edges), iron them flat, pin and sew both hems.


5. Sew the side two seams. Now lay the fabric with the right side up with the long side towards you. Fold one side with the 1/4" hem over a little more than half-way. Fold the other side over so it overlaps the first side. I folded one side of mine 5 1/2 inches and the other 8 1/2 inches and had a 2 inch overlap (5.5" + 8.5"=14"). Make sure your fabric measures from fold to fold the same as your pillow. Pin each side seam, and sew with a 1/2" seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance at each corner.


6. Turn each side right side out and put pillow inside.



They make great gifts!