Embarrassed For Ignoring God.

20131014-094326.jpg As I sit here by the fire and read the rest of Psalm 78, I found myself growing furious at the Israelites. From verse 26-31 God reveals that He powerfully satisfied all of their desires, but they did not respond with gratitude nor faith. "Despite His wonders, they refused to trust Him."

As I read on, I grew in my anger. Not until God began killing them did they repent & seek Him. Not until their physical life was at stake did they care enough to take God seriously. Then, Jesus did the thing He does with the Holy Spirit. He convicted, He pointed out in me, various areas at fault.

1. Obviously, I am just the same if not worse than those Israelites: I became angry towards self as I remembered that I am always provided for, even in abundance, and too often I am not responding with faith & gratitude.

2. Verse 38-39 rocked me. Gods love is so deep..so loyal & indescribable. "Yet He was merciful and forgave their sins and did not destroy them all. Many times He did not unleash His fury ! For He remembered that they were merely mortal, gone like a breath of wind that never returns."

Whaaaaaaat. Can you PLEASE just read that. There is so much there I cannot give it justice. Before I realized it, I was angry with myself. First, God is amazing. He is so merciful when we do not deserve it. Second, we are but a breath of wind. A vapor. Barely here, never to return. Third, the God of all the Earth forgives those who simply give Him lip service, who do not wholeheartedly worship Him. So why can't I forgive someone who cut me in line? Or who appears to be/maybe even is prideful? Since when do I have any room to withhold forgiveness from anyone?

Do I think that I am so holy and so right, that even I can withhold forgiveness when Jesus Christ himself doesn't? Do I get to say whose sin is bigger, whose sin is too big to be covered by Jesus' blood that has been shed for all?

What about you? Are you blinding yourself to see where God is faithfully providing for you? Is there anyone you need to forgive? Maybe even from months ago, years. Maybe from just this morning. Bitterness is purely evil and it will creep into your heart - and I tell you what, it does no one any good. Especially you.

Seek Jesus' face & ask forgiveness, give thanks. Be reminded that you yourself are a mere mortal, gone like a breath of wind that never returns. God is overflowing with mercy, abundantly pouring it out so that it can be poured out of us into others.