Rising To The Top.

Do we not all want {real} life?Are we not all on a quest for joy?

To enjoy life to it's max is no ploy, but we must simply learn to relax.

The snares of death seem to surround every waking breath; with every step taken comes the threat of entering, yet another, deep mess.

"Is there no life-giving fountain?" Too many ponder clawing up life's mountain. "Where is the satisfaction people speak of? I work hard, myself I have shoved above all the others, pretending to love my way to 'the top.' My weariness, it never stops even while I stand atop others, the lack of satisfaction is nonstop; am I in a snare, caught?"

And so the trap has you: confused and lost embarrassed and unsure. As your fingers are crossed, another person into the fire you toss, hoping this might bring you to "the top" so many speak of. The top of the chain where you're supposed to be numb to pain only able to gain riches and wealth attained, your attitude is deservedly vain and you obtain the right to drain everyone below you. "Where is the feeling of joy you thought would come from this?" You often ask yourself, "Was there something I missed?"

The crazy thing is we are meant for more. More is found on the floor, bending our knees, seeking 'wealth' from our core, not joining in on this bloody war. There, on the floor, we will be restored to something so much more, exploring life evermore. If we are truly honest, there is no satisfaction in smothering others.

Do we not all want {real} life? Are we not all on a quest for joy? To enjoy life to it's max is no ploy, we must simply learn to relax. Not allowing things like tasks to define us.

I tell you now, "the top" is not where it's at if you're only there to use a bat to flatten those around you. The key to joy is to focus on self less, instead of the way you dress, or anything you posses. The key to {real true} life is not in the ability to impress but is actually in giving thanks through the mess. Success is found in blessing others, in being the blessing not suppressing, but expressing a deep and vulnerable love a love unfailing and unending. A love that is meant for mending, attending to places you've been offended, tending to a soul bending beneath grace depending on the Fountain of life itself. The Fountain that doesn't pretend but instead, thrives in transparency and transcends "success."

Fear of Lord: He we must revere. In sincerely fearing, a severe love will appear. In pure surrender He will, {in us}, inhere. To surrender is to give up all that is dear, all that is near to our heart, we veer towards His cheer carrying His joy as a lavaliere. Success no longer connects to "me" but is recognized and seen in simply being a pure blessing. Instead of living for "me" we must pour our lives out, bending our knees realizing we are drowning in a sea. A sea of grace. In {truly} seeing the grace we find the key to run this race, decreeing nobody unworthy, as simply we are all unworthy. A confusing reality that is full of simplicity. May we replace this mace of shame, embracing this place interlaced with grace, walking in forgiveness selflessly chasing those who feel displaced. If only we would open our eyes to see that the bottom of the chain is where we shall die and then we will rise. Rise with eyes of pure, wise with understanding for sure, seeing every human around us as an opportunity to deny ourself for the best of this community.

Confusing at first: seeing others as better than self. But once you allow it, you'll experience the best kind of wealth.

Inspired by Proverbs 14.