Sometimes You Just Don't Have Money

20130828-144244.jpg Sometimes when you are living and you are alive, you only have $0.16 left over for the last 10 days of the month & that is just the reality of this life. And sometimes, all of the time, that is okay! Because you have faith that God your provider will supply all your needs and you know that you will not die. As we spent the weekend munching on the crumbs of Doritos (not really, there were some half chips), slowly sipping the last ounces of milk (I dont even like milk), and searching the freezer every five minutes, we decided we should ask someone for some food.

First, however, was Sunday. And Sundays mean free coffee and tons of home-baked yummies from our Hospitality Team at Corvallis Church. You should come check us out :). So we went to church and consumed as much as possible (this is a horrible statement), then went home and passed out for about 5 hours. Our wonderful friends Jeff & Kaitlyn were planning on coming over later that evening for our condensed-young marrieds group. They asked if we should do a potluck style evening and Loren and I had to be spitting honest and tell them, "Sure, but you would be better off eating before you come. All we can offer is tea, cold coffee, and eggs with some tomatoes." The little gems they are. See that beautifully colored photo above? That is not even the half of what they brought us!

They even made this delicious dish of deliciousness: squash, potatoes, cheese, onions, olive oil. Just imagine it in your mouth and you will be in heaven. But in all honesty, if we had not been honest in the first place, how would the blessing have come? It is quite humbling to tell your friends you cannot offer them more than an egg and a tomato from your garden (honestly, we could have baked something but we were too lazy)...but it is such a beautiful thing when that humility turns into a bountiful of food. Or better yet, when that humility reminds you that the church is still the church...that the bride of Christ is still alive.

Not only did Jesus bring us food from our friends, but two days later I was given a check for a days worth of work that I have not yet worked. I was payed in advance! Not even asking for it. Can I say provision? What in the world or what in heaven, God is good. And we have no reason to doubt His promises.