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“To fully embrace the goodness in life, we must enable ourselves to feel the bad. Experiencing the beauty of joy requires us to acknowledge our losses, and any sorrow it may bring. It is in the extreme of these experiences that fullness is found. Admitting how hard something is grants us the power to heal."  -Natalie Brenner

"An e-book that helps you begin the process of acknowledging the losses in your life, big and small. Everyone needs to work through this."

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From Kayla Craig, Just Really Joseph author, Upside Down Podcast co-creator and host

"Natalie's heart for healing is revealed in this workbook's gentle, thought-provoking questions. This book provides a launching pad for those who are hurting and don't know where to begin working through their loss. Natalie uses her own experience to provide a framework for others to process their trials in a faith-filled way."

From Michelle Madrid-Branch, Life Fulfillment Coach and Emmy-Nominated Journalist, Writer, Blogger, Former Foster and International Adoptee

“Natalie hits on something very real within the pages of this workbook: brokenness. If we are breathing, we have been — in one way or another — broken. It’s the human experience. God has greater plans, though, for our pain. If we allow ourselves to be still, listen, and hear the workings of our souls, we can be lifted out of the hollowness of our broken parts. We can arrive to that beautiful place of wholeness. This workbook is a powerful start along the journey to healing.”

From Shelley Skuster, Award-winning journalist, infertility survivor, freelance writer at

With her unique voice, Natalie shares her personal journey through grief and loss while inspiring readers to explore their own pain and find hope and healing along the way. Natalie’s self-paced workbook walks readers through their individual grief journeys with biblical references and prompts to reflect, learn and grow from their past pain. It offers meaningful insight for anyone who has felt broken, confused or hurt by their past or present life experiences.

From Mariah Petewon, Loyal subscriber of

"I think that this book has the power to seriously help people. People who can't find the time in their busy schedules to go to counseling, will have a little piece of counseling to take right into their living rooms. As someone who has just recently experienced a major loss of a loved one I can say that it really helped heal me. To be honest, I was not expecting this workbook to aid in rehabilitating me so much. I was just going to read it and not open up, but it really got to me. It got to me good. I think that even if just ten people read it and are changed then it's done it's job, because that's ten people who are hurting that now have a way to start the mending process of grief. (I think it will reach a whole lot more people than that, but I think you get my point). Iplan to buy it for any and all of my friends who experience grief. I mean that with all sincerity! Natalie's bravery and honesty will challenge you to open up your heart and explore the deep pains you may be ignoring. Her true vulnerability will inspire you to live more openly and freely. If you are experiencing grief, no matter how big or small, you you MUST read this book. I think it is essential to helping you heal, because you must heal."  


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