Thrifty Finds {round 2}, Home & Garden Update

>>Thrifty Finds<< Friday is laundromat day! This is a great fact. On my way home from the laundromat I saw my favorite sign:

"Estate Sale -->"

Lucky me, I had $8 left from my birthday money sent from Grandma. Here are my fun finds!

Estate sale finds

  • 9 Mason Jars $2
  • Laundry sign for our future laundry room {it is currently sitting above our laundry basket} $1
  • Aluminum form cake pan, removable bottom $1.50
  • Bouquet of dried...things $1
  • Photo frame {I obviously love frames} $2

>>HOME<< Yesterday I found a bundle of frames at the Arc. Here are our walls since adding the spring photos taken by K. Barnes Photography.Photo wall, living room, old clock, old lamp, sewing desk, writing desk, photo collage

Writing desk + Photo frames + Gold + Old clock Front walk way, door entrance, coat hanger, photo wall, photo collage

Tin mail holder


To say that I am proud of my little babies is an understatement! The joy that I have gotten from these little lives is great. Also, we added some fun lighting for when we hang out with the bonfire in the evenings.

Broccoli! Apartment patio gardening

Sunflower kissing the air :) ThursdaySunflower opening up, Friday

Open sunflower

 Plants in mason jar {sun flower}

Garden - apartment patio

Mason Jars with candles to light up our patio!

This apartment has become our home. We told ourselves going into this apartment "we may be here for 1 year," and we would definitely be moving if there is ever an addition of any sort to this Brenner Bunch. BUT, after 20 months in this beautiful place, we feel so at home! It takes so much time to make a building a home. We love it. We have built this garden and our hearts are invested into this apartment and its complex.

Beginning next weekend, we are going to be throwing {every-other} monthly "block parties." I am so excited to deepen the relationships with our neighbors and learn ways to serve them.

Do you feel at home in your home?