The 14 Year Old who loves Jesus

people inspre me People inspire me.

Rachel, a 14 year old high school student, is out to change this world. We meet for coffee-lunch every now & again, and we talk. We talk about how God is forming our heart, how He is changing the way we see people, how He is molding us more into His image. We talk about memorizing scripture with the assurance that it isn't a waste of time. We talk about how we can serve others. Many words are always exchanged when we meet. I always go into our time praying that I may encourage her more towards Jesus, that I might be able to lead her a little closer to His feet. What is so amazing is that every time we meet, she does that for me (and probably doesnt even realize it).

We talk a lot, yes. But do you want to know what the best part about all of this is? It's not just talk. The ideas and suggestions and thoughts don't start and end and remain at the Coffee Culture table. We leave the building encouraged and empowered to go do what we just conversed about. She memorizes scripture, serves her friends & family, and earnestly looks for ways to purely love those around her. She is part of the CHS dance team - that is a tough place to be a follower of Jesus. But she doesn't hide it. She doesn't live "two different lives," but loves the girls on her dance team purely and honestly illustrates a life of love. A life that follows Jesus. And it's all out of a response to the understanding of who she is. How loved she is.

Rachel impresses me, she inspires me. She reminds me that Jesus is bigger. She reminds me that the next generation will have leaders that run towards Jesus.

People inspire me.

Do you have anyone inspiring you towards the best kind of life? The full life?