Letters To My Girls

letters to my girls I am so excited to be writing letters to my girls each week. Wednesdays usually. I have a number of them in middle and high school. They weigh heavy on my heart and I love them deeply. I will write them letters on my blog, and email them the link each week. My hope is that they would be encouraged, and maybe you would find encouragement too.

Cheers to the beginning of letters to my girls.

What's with the pig? Right. One of the girls has a pet pig, Jo-Boo. How can you not love these girls?!

My Dear Girls,

How are you today? Wait, I mean really, how are you? I don't want the, "I'm great, fine, good." I want you to pause and ask yourself how you are. Flustered? Tired? Overwhelmed? Bummed? Super over joyed and excited for life? Jumping off walls?

Did you know that you are loved? I don't say that in a vague way. I mean that you, your humor or lack of, your hair crazy or straight,  your quirks, your smile, and even your obnoxious laughs. Wholly, you are loved. As in, Jesus likes to just hang out with you. Thought I would remind you of that.

I know that often the weight of this world bogs you down. You carry more weight than us adults seem to recognize. The weight of school, the pressure from your peers, unending pushing for better grades, better sports, better better better. Everything feels like a competition. A competition to be the best and measure up and somehow all at once never make a single mistake. You must not disappoint your parents with your grade or performance, and your friends can't have any reason to think you're anything less-than. Even though you feel their jealousy.

Oh my sweet girls, you are already enough. You are already so loved, so perfectly cherished. The weight of this world is heavy and you are not called to carry it. So my girls, today, release the need to compete, release the pressure to measure up, and pick up the freedom to simply exist. To exist and view the world, your school, as a place to offer Love. The Love of Jesus, the Love of the One who gives you the freedom to be who you are and exist imperfectly. You. Are. Beautiful.

I'm praying for you today dear girls. I'm praying that you would see that you are enough. You are more than what you wear, more than how your hair frizzes or doesn't, more than the obnoxious laughs that escape your mouth. I am praying that you would know deep down that you are so wonderfully loved. And like I said earlier, not loved in this vague out-of-reach sense. But loved as a whole, right now. That your entire self is loved, and is brought value, because of Jesus Christ.  He sees you, and He likes you.

I am praying for you today, dear girls.

With so much love, Natalie

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