Breaking like bread

breaking like bread Have you ever seen a mother wipe the greasy-chunky-slimy mouth of another momma's toddler with her bare hand? And about 30 seconds later eat some of the greasy-chunky-slimy food that was on the toddlers tray? Or cleaned up the messy poop that was squirted on her, straight from the rear of someone else's baby, and not have a single tone of complaint or annoyance?

Have you ever watched an aged, gray haired man help his limping wife across the street? He walks with her slowly, or maybe pushes her in her wheel chair, as cars sit and wait and stare at them.

Have you ever seen a young couple, engaged and excited, struggling to pay for the wedding of their dreams...and soon swarmed with so many gifts to complete this dream-wedding? As soon as they ask for help, help is offered and help galore, and before they know it, their wedding is better than they ever dreamed because...The Church served their engaged souls?

We are perfectly human, and I see a church that {imperfectly} serves each other. Wiping each others baby-throw-up off their shirt and continuing to smother them in kisses, because, we love each others babies. We love letting the mommas and daddies have a 5 minute break. I see a church that prays with one another when hurting, because praying and pointing to Jesus and getting on our knees is the best way we can serve our brothers and sisters. Corvallis Church is a church where young men fill fire-places with pellets for the older women, fix their shelves, and supports them with the service of Jesus himself. I see a church where newlyweds don't go hungry, but in fact eat better than they ever dreamed, and often find a bag of groceries on their doorstep. I see a church where people with the resource of wood, cut up, shares some with families without the money to purchase wood. I see a church that clothes one another. I see a church that invites the homeless in, offers a warm meal, a sleeping bag, a heater, dignity. I see a church where families give extra during the Holiday Season, where families are given a gift of extra cash to buy their children Christmas gifts that they otherwise wouldn't have the means to purchase. I see a church where people drive 30 minutes to help a family move all of their things out of their flooded shop and up onto a hill.

I see a church that share's so much with one another. Share's words, hearts, resources. I see a church that is bursting full of people who break themselves, like bread, and pours themselves out, like wine, in order to sacrificially serve one another.

I see a church that offers Hope that only Jesus can bring.

I see a church, Corvallis Church, that extravagantly and radically and so-differently-from-culture serves each other. Because we are family, and we love each other, and we are called to serve each other.

For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.

Galatians 5:13

- Are you a part of a church? What are some beautiful, simple, ordinary ways that you serve each other? -

Learning to fall in love with His church,


A perfectly loved Bride

a perfectly loved bride We are perfectly human, and I see a church that {imperfectly} loves.

Loves through trying trials and healing hurts, humans loving humans.

I see a church, Corvallis Church, that is patient with me, though I am ever so full-of-mistakes and imperfection.

I see a church that is made up of humans, humans that struggle with pride because they live on this earth. But humans who strive to walk in humility, denying the pride of man. I see a church that is not proud, but instead points to Jesus.

I see a church that is not rude, but craves to offer grace. Offers kindness to those around us, the disheveled and the put together alike.

I see a church that is not self-centered. Individually, we battle the reality that this world says Life. Is About. Me. But I am part of and see a church that works to look outside of self and view the world as a place to offer Freedom.

I am part of a church that loves. Loves like Jesus, intentionally but like humans, imperfectly.

The world today is not only hungry for bread but hungry for love, hungry to be wanted, to be loved. They're hungry to feel the presence of Christ...It is too easy simply to talk or concern ourselves with the poor who are far away. It is much harder and, perhaps, more challenging to turn our attention and concern toward the poor who live right next door to us.

-Mother Teresa in No Greater Love

I see a church that cares for the widows and the homeless. We invite them into our homes and offer them food, yes, but also dignity. We offer love. We hug and shake hands and speak to them as if they exist as human, because they are human and that makes them a child of God.

I am so honored to be a part of Corvallis Church, a church that knows it's loved perfectly, and therefore goes and loves one another and this city. Imperfectly, but radically.

- Are you a part of a church? I read so much bashing the church. Yes. We are broken, imperfect people; but we are also the Body Of Christ, Himself. What beauty do you see in the church? -

Learning to fall in love with His bride...learning that I am part of His bride,


Why I Love You, Church.

why i love you, church Church. Some cringe at the word.

Church. Some squeal with authentic joy at the word.

Church. Some change the subject immediately, skirting any and all awkwardness, hoping to protect their opinions and not step on toes.

Church. Some know it for what it is and hate it. Some know it for what it is and love it.

Church is messy and broken, full of a bunch of misfits. Misfits wandering this earth just like every other human. Church is full of broken stories.

But what I love about Corvallis Church and The Church and the Bride of Christ -- the people who make up the church -- I love that that is the place where those messy-misfits {much like myself} and those broken stories meets beautiful redemption. Painful forgiveness. Authenticity and genuine love meeting the most crumbled-to-pieces parts of humanity. I love that I can walk through the doors on Sunday morning to the place we gather for worship and know in my bones that I am deeply loved, wholly accepted, and completely covered in His grace. I love that I can waltz through the doors overwhelmed with joy because I am forgiven, though I do not deserve it. I am loved though I am terrifyingly unlovable. I love that the humans I get to call "my church" are confronted with the same Truth: we are all broken and messy-misfits, yet we are all identified as God's beloved children and that is the one thing that brings us worth. That is our common ground. That is where our identities lie and our strength is found. Together, our redemption lies in the Truth that we are not enough and He is more than enough.

We hurt each other, too often. We say stupid things, yes. We aren't as committed as we should be, correct. We get on each others nerves, all the time. We are horrifically imperfect, absolutely. We are human.

--> We are unified by His blood and His grace, reminded that we are each broken carrying baggage from this messed up world, and we are covered under His wings of Love. Love. Love that is so patient with us, forever kind, and completely un-rude. Love that hopes the best for us, believes the best, and endures all things. Love that is selfless and even jealous of our love. We are unified by Love, and Love only comes from God Himself.

Corvallis Church, baptism Sunday April 2014

Corvallis Church. Imperfectly, we love each other so well. We share in one another's burdens. We pursue friendship through honesty. We enjoy just hanging out together. We love each other so selflessly and so sacrificially and it is only by the power of His grace. Church family, you ask hard questions, you embrace the mysterious God we serve, you seek His Truth and you desire to love this city well. It is beautiful to see you sharing your resources, your homes, your hearts with one another, and then pointing to Jesus.

I am missing my beautiful church family this morning. They are even celebrating a few EXCITING baptisms today. Though I am beyond blessed, humbled even, to be in Canada, there is nothing quite like a Sunday morning with Corvallis Church. You guys amaze me. The adventure this church plant has taken me on has been one that I'll forever remember. The healing that has happened through the adventure of this church plant is unexplainable, and the growth I have experienced has been painful in the best ways possible. You love each other intentionally, and Jesus is so obvious. Corvallis Church, I love you. I miss you. I look forward to worshiping with you next week.