We DO Have Hope.

As I sit here in Coffee Culture, I am thankful once again by the profound evidence that I am loved by a God bigger than everything known to man. That I have been created and can trust my Creator. My ache to distribute this knowledge to those around me, those in this city, and all the people on this earth has deepened once again. Two ladies sit at a table to my left. As they chat, I cannot help but take on the awkward eavesdropping role. (I forgot my headphones). One of the ladies is doing all of the talking, as it commonly happens. She is talking in depth about her back pain, how it must be related to stress and anxiety. Her son is young and unhealthy, "he loves bread a little too much." (Her words not mine). "I wish I had a guide book. A good one. I wish I could let go and trust that it was going to be okay." (Also her words). I cannot help but notice her tone of voice. The words I have heard many a time. But the tone of voice is one of helplessness. Hopelessness. She speaks of having no hope. No one to trust. As I sip my latte, I read King David's words "But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?" 

I am thankful for the hope and the confidence I have in our God. He is bigger than my trouble and He will grow me through them. He rescues us and is our comforter. We have an unending hope and we access to peace. If we ask and choose to receive. Don't forget that today. And if you have a chance, naturally share that with someone today in gentle boldness.


Sometimes You Need a Blanket-Fort.

IMG_5958 I don't know about you, but sometimes you just need to construct a blanket fort, make some pumpkin pie (paleo of course), and watch Balto. Don't forget the snuggling with your husband part. Some weeks are filled with so many emotions, so much mental-usage, not enough Spirit-filling-up moments, and a whole lot of being awake. And at the end of those weeks, those weeks full of weepy nights, long hours, and self-centered self pity, you just need a blanket fort. It just needs to happen. You should let it happen. Your heart can be filled through such events, if you are truly grateful to Jesus for moments as such: loosen up those tense shoulders, don't think about the mess you are about to make (I lean towards OCD clean), build that fort, eat that food, let the dishes sit, and sleep on the hard ground. Without mom and dad yelling at you to clean it up. Guess what? You can clean it up whenever you want. Which is awesome, I will tell you that much.

I encourage you to do this. Let your childlike passions and dreams come alive, the ones that mom and dad thought were annoying. Allow yourself to jump on the bed. To dance around in your under pants. To fling mashed potatoes against the wall or at your husband's face; I have never done that, but I have been tempted to for a good laugh. Just let it happen. Let your inner child break free once in awhile and relax. That's what we are anyways: a child of God.

Life will go on and you will be blessed.