Raspberry Picking

As we fall more in love with Oregon, we are adventuring into new places! Yesterday I had the chance to pick berries for a quick half an hour, checking out this local farm!


I found the initial farm, and then was led on a scavenger hunt in search for the Raspberry bushes. A few signs and a 3 minute drive later, I arrived at this precious farm.




There weren't many folks picking because it was drizzling, but I wasn't ready to give up! The cost of these u-pick berries is basically stealing if you compare it to what you pay for berries at the grocery store.

I was assigned my row and off I went!





IMG_7995 As I picked, I was able to relax and pray out loud. No one was around, so that was great. Just a quiet morning, drizzling rain, and chats with Jesus. I prayed for my husband (10 prayers for your spouse) and for my work and my business (see that here) and for our ministry.  I am learning again how powerful prayer is - when I choose to fix my thoughts on Him, my worries and frustrations decrease. My mind is calmed and I am able to magnify Jesus, who brings all peace. What a gift.

It was heaven!


Raspberry picking


U-Pick raspberries, Oregon   IMG_8014

I filled my bucket, almost to the brim! I paid $6 flat. SIX DOLLARS!

I highly recommend this farm if you are in the area! It is very easy to find. You can call them morning of, listen to their voicemail & see if they're open for the day. (541) 757-7814

They are off of Highway 20 in Corvallis - turn onto Garden Ave.

I look forward to taking Loren here on Monday!

Do you have any local farms that you enjoy?