The Weeklies

Happy spring break! We have an odd but blessed week ahead! Monday & Tuesday at the beach, Wed-Thurs in our beautiful city Corvallis, and Friday & Saturday back at the beach! Do you have any plans this week? 20140324-135824.jpg

I am currently in the passenger seat with the window rolled down, heading to Lincoln City! Loren and I enjoyed a nice run this morning but were bummed that it turned out to be less than 8 miles. We then had a sweet surprise by a man we cherish; Allan! He gifted us with means to treat ourselves to a date this evening on the coast. Cannot express my deep gratitude. I feel so deeply loved by Jesus and do not want to take these moments for granted.

Last week we memorized and focused on 1 Corinthians 16:13. I can tell you, I loved it! It inspired and motivated me to move out of my comfort zone many times. Did you have any moments of bold strength, courageous love, or standing firm in the faith?

This week I will be memorizing & internalizing & focusing on the very next verse: 1 Corinthians 16:14 "And do everything with love."

Love. It's patient and kind, it doesn't boast nor is it rude! You know how easy it is to boast? I mean, about the little things we do, like emailing someone. I find myself boasting too often. Love doesn't do that.

It does not demand or even seek it's own way; even if it's certain that it's own way is best. It is not selfish -- I get to put my phone down when asked by my husband...not in "1 minute," but that immediate moment, when asked.

Love is humble, not proud --> it sees others as better than self, it accepts other peoples love with joy {aka love doesn't reject people's blessing of truth, compliments, gifts}.

Love is not jealous -- when my friend has an opportunity to drive to Canada for her anniversary, I don't get to be jealous! I get to be happy for her!

Love is not irritable {boy howdy do I need to work on this!}. When I am making dinner or working on a task and Loren wants me to pause and pay attention to him {instead of "multi task"}, I get to choose light hearted joy, not irritation. OR when my computer doesn't do what I want it to {aka I don't know how to use it}, I don't get to throw a tantrum of irritation!

Love keeps no record of being wronged, so let's not bring up last week's hurt and hold it over that persons head.

Love does not rejoice about injustice, but rejoices when truth wins out. No gossiping - that's injustice. No rejoicing in sexual impurities. No rejoicing when someone "gets what they deserved." No joy over bullying or harassment of any kind. No, let us only rejoice when the truth wins out. When love wins.

Love never gives up. Never loses faith. Is always hopeful. Endures through every circumstance. Let's do everything with love! And when we are tempted not to, we will remember 1 Corinthians 16:14 and we will be courageous, standing firm in our faith with the strength of Jesus.

What is amazing to me is that love will never fail me. Every time I choose love, I know that I will not be failed. And neither will you, contrary to popular belief.

Will you memorize and focus on this verse with me this week? Which areas of love do you need to be reminded of most?

20140324-142430.jpg On our run this morning I snapped a few photos. Surprisingly, not too blurry! We saw 3 deer, crossed 4 creeks, and climbed lots of hills! It is a great opportunity for us to encourage and cheer one another on.