Canada Adventure

I have boarded the Bolt Bus, downed a burnt Starbucks coffee, am wearing my Ted Hoes because I am basically an elderly woman, and have said goodbye to my beloved husband. Canada Adventure has begun. 20131010-080654.jpg

For the first time in our 490 some odd days of marriage, we will be apart for 7 days. We have been pretty lucky so far! I take it for granted, really.

Since the day Haley sent me a photo of the little white stick (yep, that one) with two lines that read "positive," last October, I have been aching for a Canada Adventure. Well if we are honest, since the night of her wedding when I said our first wailing (this is actually true - my head thrown back and me sobbing towards the ceiling with fat tears streaming) & agonizing goodbye.. that was when the eagerness began. But! It subsided slowly. Until she told me that Baby Nunes #1 had been created. (I remember where I was: looking at the ridiculously priced curtains in Bed Bath & Beyond. I was screaming & jumping up and down).

March arrived and Haley's sister who is also my good friend Jesse was getting married! This beautiful ceremony brought on a unitation (let the word happen) with Hales.  Yet again, I realized the dire need to be united with her in Canada: especially once Baby Oliver arrives. So the jar saving began!


Since March, we saved enough money for me to get a passport with my new beloved name on it, buy a round trip ticket (Bolt Bus + Air <$350 roundtrip), and even a little bit of spending money to buy some maple syrup! I could never have done this without Loren. Without his encouragement, his support, his encouragement, and his sacrificial love. His sacrificial love is abnormal for our age and our short length of marriage; I am sure of it. He is so humble and always giving to me. Give give give. Because of him in addition to huge chunks of grace from God, I am currently on the Bolt Bus beginning my Canada Adventure.

Last night this hunk took me to the Cheesecake Factory for the first time. What a grace gift that was. He is such a blessing; he gives through sacrifice, more than I would have ever dared to dream.


20131010-070347.jpg  20131010-070353.jpg

That place was overwhelming: loud, busy, huge, but so beautiful & completely delicious.

- - -

As we said our goodbyes, I lugged my bursting suitcase, 30 pound backpack, and honking purse onto the Bus. Can I just say that the standard size of a carry-on luggage suitcase is actually ridiculous? The amount of clothes, shoes, jackets and critical necessities one is unable to fit in there? I am going to lovely but freezing Canada and I had to find a way to fit all of this:


Plus more, into...THIS tintsy intsy little thing:


I know, I could hardly believe it. I am not the only one who must do this undesirable deed, but it happened as sure as the night sky shines stars.

As I head to Vancouver, BC, I am completely excited. I love adventures. Once I am downtown, I get to ride the Sky Tram over to the airport for about 45 minutes. Then I have a little more than 1 hour (if all goes smoothly) until my flight leaves from BC and heads towards good ole Edmonton! There, around 7:40 pm, I will be welcomed into the wonderful arms of Haley Nunes. My beloved best friend.

I pray that you have a friend like Haley. The kind of friend that, whether in another country or simply sharing a room with you, remains an amazing friend. A friend that would save your life, even if she met you 6 days prior..(this definitely happened in too much of a literal sense). A friend that helps you with more things than you could ask for or even THINK to ask for. A friend who is safe to be vulnerable with, who won't lead you into the temptation of slander or complaint. A friend who prays for & encourages you, and whether far or near, spurs you on to do good deeds for the glory of God. Someone who holds you accountable to the Truths you claim to believe, to the Faith you wear as your name. A friend who holds you accountable even when painful or corrective; a true and deep friendship, coursing on the purity of Jesus Christ's love. A friend who drives you closer to Jesus. A friend who does all of this...but you also do it in return.

I pray and yearn for the day when we live near one another once again: I dream of raising our kids together, teaching them the grace of God, serving our neighborhoods together. Exercising together. Being loving and respectful wives together. Serving our church family together. The prayers will never cease and the dreaming will never end.

Our God is bigger than I can dare to dream and I will continue to ask Him in boldness, to align our callings someday, for His glory. I pray you have a Haley in your life.

Cheers to Canada Adventure.