Breaking like bread

breaking like bread Have you ever seen a mother wipe the greasy-chunky-slimy mouth of another momma's toddler with her bare hand? And about 30 seconds later eat some of the greasy-chunky-slimy food that was on the toddlers tray? Or cleaned up the messy poop that was squirted on her, straight from the rear of someone else's baby, and not have a single tone of complaint or annoyance?

Have you ever watched an aged, gray haired man help his limping wife across the street? He walks with her slowly, or maybe pushes her in her wheel chair, as cars sit and wait and stare at them.

Have you ever seen a young couple, engaged and excited, struggling to pay for the wedding of their dreams...and soon swarmed with so many gifts to complete this dream-wedding? As soon as they ask for help, help is offered and help galore, and before they know it, their wedding is better than they ever dreamed because...The Church served their engaged souls?

We are perfectly human, and I see a church that {imperfectly} serves each other. Wiping each others baby-throw-up off their shirt and continuing to smother them in kisses, because, we love each others babies. We love letting the mommas and daddies have a 5 minute break. I see a church that prays with one another when hurting, because praying and pointing to Jesus and getting on our knees is the best way we can serve our brothers and sisters. Corvallis Church is a church where young men fill fire-places with pellets for the older women, fix their shelves, and supports them with the service of Jesus himself. I see a church where newlyweds don't go hungry, but in fact eat better than they ever dreamed, and often find a bag of groceries on their doorstep. I see a church where people with the resource of wood, cut up, shares some with families without the money to purchase wood. I see a church that clothes one another. I see a church that invites the homeless in, offers a warm meal, a sleeping bag, a heater, dignity. I see a church where families give extra during the Holiday Season, where families are given a gift of extra cash to buy their children Christmas gifts that they otherwise wouldn't have the means to purchase. I see a church where people drive 30 minutes to help a family move all of their things out of their flooded shop and up onto a hill.

I see a church that share's so much with one another. Share's words, hearts, resources. I see a church that is bursting full of people who break themselves, like bread, and pours themselves out, like wine, in order to sacrificially serve one another.

I see a church that offers Hope that only Jesus can bring.

I see a church, Corvallis Church, that extravagantly and radically and so-differently-from-culture serves each other. Because we are family, and we love each other, and we are called to serve each other.

For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.

Galatians 5:13

- Are you a part of a church? What are some beautiful, simple, ordinary ways that you serve each other? -

Learning to fall in love with His church,