May your name be kept holy.

may your name be kept holy

I've been reading in the book of Matthew. Taking a chunk at a time, as chapters are broken up into stories of Jesus' life. Last week I was pressed to get on my knees and ask Jesus to show me the way he will provide for us as a family, as a church. I opened my Bible reading the chapter I was on. Chapter 6 in the book of Matthew.

There Jesus and I shared many things together.

Jesus overwhelmed me right then and there with the truth that our Father in Heaven sees us. He sees us and he cares. The Lord's Prayer was scripted into chapter 6. As I read over it a few times, I was reminded of the simplicity of needing to be provided for. I realized that I had not memorized this passage since I was a little kid. I want this etched into my heart. Jesus taught us to pray this way, so I want to be refreshed in the way He taught us to pray. As I spoke the words written in my Bible, I was reminded of how incredibly well Jesus provides for us. I was overwhelmed with the truth that He loves us, He sees us, and He cares for us.

He sees you. He loves you. He cares for you. And He wants to provide for you. This isn't some cliche saying, I am not typing this just to type it. It's real. Very, very real.

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He is such a good Dad. He is honoring to His children. He meets our deepest needs of loneliness, despair, hunger, thirst, deep hurt. His way of life is full of freedom, if we want it. He offers us value and worth beyond all reason. He offers hope. This life on earth is simply transitory; He is preparing a place of indescribable freedom.

>>One time a man in our church family borrowed my precious Toyota Tercel and switched out my ruined transmission for an un-ruined one. Freely, offering a way better car than before he "borrowed it." I felt I owed this man, I felt he deserved to be praised, to let the world know that his generosity and love made no sense but it. was. awesome. And I was so moved.

>>I have had many hospital visits and stays in my life. Some nurses are amazing while some are not, and let's be real: humans are humans. But can I tell you something? I remember this particular nurse. Julie. She was such a gem. She would go out of her way to make it known that I was going to be cared for and loved the best she could. She was so gentle and kind. I left that hospital praising her. I wrote her a thank you letter. I told people about her for months; in my heart, she needed to be praised.

A Man (Jesus) who brings us freedom and offers a life of peace that makes no sense and rescues us from our darkest nights deserves our highest praise. Our Dad is the best Dad. His name is made to be kept holy. He is set apart. He is not like any other.

Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.

I want to keep my Father's name Holy. I want to keep the Lords name set apart. When I hear his name and speak his name, I want it to be kept holy. When I speak His words of love to His children, I want everyone to know that His name is Holy.

I don't want to throw His name around like it's no big deal.

What if we start with this?

-Pausing more throughout our day, thinking on His greatness. -Beginning our prayers by honoring and admiring Him more. -Remembering who we are communing with: Creator, Redeemer, Refuge, Savior, Prince of Peace..all-knowing. These truths brings me so much confidence in knowing He is Wisdom itself. He is all those things and He offers us those things. -Writing this on my chalk board to be reminded of this very beautiful verse. Join me?

My Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.

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