A perfectly loved Bride

a perfectly loved bride We are perfectly human, and I see a church that {imperfectly} loves.

Loves through trying trials and healing hurts, humans loving humans.

I see a church, Corvallis Church, that is patient with me, though I am ever so full-of-mistakes and imperfection.

I see a church that is made up of humans, humans that struggle with pride because they live on this earth. But humans who strive to walk in humility, denying the pride of man. I see a church that is not proud, but instead points to Jesus.

I see a church that is not rude, but craves to offer grace. Offers kindness to those around us, the disheveled and the put together alike.

I see a church that is not self-centered. Individually, we battle the reality that this world says Life. Is About. Me. But I am part of and see a church that works to look outside of self and view the world as a place to offer Freedom.

I am part of a church that loves. Loves like Jesus, intentionally but like humans, imperfectly.

The world today is not only hungry for bread but hungry for love, hungry to be wanted, to be loved. They're hungry to feel the presence of Christ...It is too easy simply to talk or concern ourselves with the poor who are far away. It is much harder and, perhaps, more challenging to turn our attention and concern toward the poor who live right next door to us.

-Mother Teresa in No Greater Love

I see a church that cares for the widows and the homeless. We invite them into our homes and offer them food, yes, but also dignity. We offer love. We hug and shake hands and speak to them as if they exist as human, because they are human and that makes them a child of God.

I am so honored to be a part of Corvallis Church, a church that knows it's loved perfectly, and therefore goes and loves one another and this city. Imperfectly, but radically.

- Are you a part of a church? I read so much bashing the church. Yes. We are broken, imperfect people; but we are also the Body Of Christ, Himself. What beauty do you see in the church? -

Learning to fall in love with His bride...learning that I am part of His bride,


A Letter To Our Supporters & Our Church.

Coffee Culture creates an atmosphere of coziness. In that coziness, I enjoy sitting on the couch located in the back corner. Sipping my vanilla latte, I read through a Psalm, soaking in the serenity that it brings. "I have all that I need...He lets me rest...peaceful streams." I love it so much that I decide to etch it deep into my journal, slowly scrawling it onto the page with ink. The man sitting parallel to me turns. "I noticed you had a Bible and are writing...that. I hope you dont mind," ("Not one percent," I think). "I am new to town, I was hoping you had a recommendation for a good church. I am not much of a singer, but I do love a good sermon along with some fellowship."

Brett is his name. And my eyes must have exploded with great happiness as I shared with him that I personally attend Corvallis Church on Sunday mornings, I live in community with the people throughout the week, and I am even blessed to be on the staff! I stated that it was a church plant. "A what?" "You know, a church plant. A baby. Well, we are not a newborn anymore," I say, "We are in our third year!"

I went on to explain the beauty I have experienced. I mentioned that the pastor didn't even go to seminary, which really interested him, but instead had listened to the Holy Spirit and responded to a calling from Ephesians 4. He and his entire family. I expressed the growth I have seen in a multitude of the individuals who have walked through the doors on Sunday and stayed from anywhere between 3 weeks and 2 years! I mentioned that every Sunday morning, we have women who bring home-prepared food for the cafe, using their gift to build up and serve our church! I stopped myself, realizing I could go on forever sharing what Jesus has done and is doing through this church.

I share all of this to make a couple points.

1. I want to thank everyone who has decided to begin and decided to continue supporting Loren and I financially. It is because of God's provision through you directly that I am able to sit in a coffee shop on a Saturday, study God's word, and share with strangers the absolute beauty of a church community. It is because of you that Loren and I get to actively minister to people, pray for people in chunks of time, teach others about the wholeness that comes from pursuing a life of righteousness. Time and time again, I am overwhelmed with complete gratitude that others see the call and believe in the mission God has set before us. THANK YOU for encouraging us, supporting us!

2. I want to thank the people that make up "Corvallis Church." Each of you have moved me, driven me closer to Jesus himself. Thank you for choosing to grow with us, with me. Thank you for sharing your life, your stories, your heart! Thank you for committing to the community, but ultimately to serving God in this beautiful city! Thank you for being worthy of complete and utter excitement, when asked about "the church I go to."

I cannot wait for tomorrow morning.