Happy Momma's Day, from a Childless Newlywed

Mommas To my Momma, Karen

To my Momma, Carolyn

To my Grand-Mommas Donna, Terry, Nancy

To my Great Grand Mommas Vernis and Anne

To my sister-Mommas, Emily, Kayla, Lindsey

To my closest-friend-Canadian-Momma, Haley

To my New-Momma friends

To my Experienced-Momma friends

To my Empty-nester-Momma friends

To my Momma friends who miscarried

To my Momma friends who mother their neighbor kids

To my Momma friends who don't want to be a mom, but have sacrificed in order to be so

To my Pregnant-Momma friends...

To everyone in between:

You amaze me. You have carried or are carrying precious gifts, image-bearers of God himself. You are raising a human being, a life that will make a difference in this world, one way or another. You are doing heroic work, the "ultimate career" as C.S Lewis puts it.

Mommas. I cannot imagine the depth of love you must understand. I hope to one day. But for now, I'll watch you and observe you and be filled with God's love as I see you bless your kids, as I watch you grow and be stretched and do the heroic sacrificial work it demands. Mommas, you raised this generation, you are raising the next generation, you get to pass down beautiful generational habits and stories and real things like LOVE and Jesus. It is important work, wiping off crumbs, changing diapers at 2 am, and wearing puke on your body. They see you sacrifice so much from the time they are formed in your body...they may not even recognize it as a sacrifice. Momma, I now see it - at least a little more than I ever had, but I know not completely. Not only are your kiddos learning from you, but we, a Childless Newlywed couple, we are learning from you. You are changing this world, whether you know it or not. Really, you already have changed it.

Pastor Mike said today, "Moms, let your kids see how much Jesus loves you and how that makes you feel and what that makes you do."

So beautiful. Pass on the Truth of His love, leave a legacy of His love, reveal why you Mother your kids and wear their spit and poop and throw up, or why you take them to get manicures and shop for new clothes. Tell them why you make them clean the house. Tell them why you sacrifice so much.

You are my hero, Mommas.

Today I salute you. I say to you, "Well done, Mommas. Keep going. I am learning so much from you. Your time and energy and love poured out, sacrificed, it is not in vain."

Proverbs 31:28 "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband, he also praises her."

With joy, with fear, with love, A Childless Newlywed