Impressive Middle Schoolers.

This last week I had the privilege of meeting with so many different ladies! Whether pregnant & married, 12, 15, or 65 years old, they each blessed my day tremendously. I pray I have the privilege of sharing some of their stories & the way each of them are changing this world for the glory of God. Today I want to share a particular two: Abby & Claire. These two spastic, spit-ball, firecracker, rainbows of girls impress me weekly! Kaitlyn & I picked them up after school and walked to my apartment. There we made hot chocolate topped with whip cream:


We each memorized a verse to help us conquer our current ongoing struggles. I don't mean pretended to memorize; we sat there and repeated it & quizzed each other and promised to hold another accountable for keeping it memorized as well as utilizing it!

Then we made chocolate chip cookies! As we began divvying the cookies out, Kaitlyn & I asked who could they bless? First, their idea was to go upstairs & give some to one of my neighbors. Which was amazing; they had seen this neighbor earlier & blurted a middle-school statement about them. And now they wanted to bless this person! So we did.

Then they each thought of people in their life who they aren't exactly 100% fond of. Abby's in particular was her science teacher; this 12 year old girl decided to write her teacher a loving letter & give her cookies. Please, please read that again. Be inspired. Be moved by a 12 year olds heart.

People. These are world changers. We can learn so much from these middle school beauties. They're gold, pure gems. They inspire me and remind me why I am here: to help bring the kingdom of Heaven to the world around me. I pray & hope you will be inspired by them.

Think: who in your life bothers you so much that you need to make them cookies and give them a loving note?