"And everyone shared all that they had"

and everyone shared all that they had The weather took a sharp turn on us and has chilled us to our throbbing bones. Some people have wood stoves, but no wood. Some have pellet stoves, but not enough pellets. Others have broken heat or broken bank accounts, and therefore live without heat. Also without mini heaters.

i see a church that blesses

The last few days, I have had the joy of witnessing a large amount of people being utterly blessed.(Is it weird I just pictured a cow? Move on). There is so much more happening than the little I get to observe, but let me share a bit of what I have seen. The first evening before the cold was predicted to prance, Pastor Mike asked on our church facebook group if anyone needed a heat. A few college girls responded with a YES! So he rallied some resources and was able to take them heaters! A young man, a newlywed, with the name of Robert is basically a pellet-angel. Every few months stops by Bi-Mart, fills his truck up with wood pellets and drives it out to a wonderful woman, who happens to be our Office Administrator. She lives alone and he is an angel that does the gift of delivering these pellets and helping to keep her warm! We have shared wood and food and shelter.

Today, Allan stopped by my home to drop off a baby shower for an expectant couple in our church. We worked together to pick out what he may be able to purchase for their Little Baby on the way. When he dropped it off, he also dropped off an unexpected monetary bill into my hands. As my eyes welled with tears, his words balmed my heart, "Well, lady, I do what I can. You do what you can. You helped me figure out gifts for babies and weddings. You have skills and talents and energy that I don't have. You do your part. I do mine, I take care of who I can, and I do what I am called to do." My response was, "We sure are a good team!" And he said, "Well yeah, that's what we are supposed to be. That's the church."

If you let anything hit your heart in this post, let that be it. Let Allan's words sink. Because though we are wholly unincredible and very imperfect, we have a wholly incredible God that cares for us through one another. He inspires us and gifts us all so differently. He intends to use us in each other's lives, with the various gifts and resources we are each equipped with.

 He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Ephesians 4:16

i see a church that blesses

In the troubles, the suffering, the freezing, and the holidays... in the joyous times, Corvallis Church is proving to be church, the Bride of Christ. We do our best to share resources, let one another know needs, and hopefully no one is overlooked. The hope is that small groups of community within the church are in genuine relationship, caring for one another. And I see it happening. But really, this is what the church is called to do. This is the radiant Bride of Christ, imperfect, but beautiful and blessing one another.

Continuing to fall in love with Him,