A Year In Review! Our Top {19} Memories

The final hour of 2013 is coming to a close. Let's look back on the year in celebration together! Although there were many pains and heart aches, there was a multitude of joys to celebrate. •To kick the year off, we fed a lot of ducks down at the river, with Korbin! 20131231-211326.jpg

•CIY Believe had some of the best middle school students attend. I am so honored to know each of them


•Somehow, we were a part of the Nockles beautiful wedding and immediately after, drove from Portland to Eugene to be a part of the Listers wedding. 20131231-211649.jpg

•One of my most beautiful friends got married to an amazing man! 20131231-203639.jpg20131231-203650.jpg

•One of my best friends who just happens to be my sister in law, married to my best brother, had their first baby = my niece. Elsy Grace Newbold is one of the most beautiful creatures to crawl this planet. 20131231-210824.jpg20131231-210843.jpg

•Loren & I somehow planned a retreat for the Young Adults group that has formed in our church! We went snow boarding at SkiBowl20131231-211230.jpg20131231-211238.jpg

•We both had the honor of being part of many glorious baptisms.

•We had the privilege of driving to the beautiful city of Bend and soaking in the sounds of Sigur Ros 20131231-211858.jpg20131231-211908.jpg

•Our amazing parents (Loren's) drove over from ID and stayed for a weekend. I had my first taste of what it means to "camp" in a 5th wheel and had my first s'more in a microwave.

•Winema middle school camp melted our faces with amazing students. Natalie spoke at bonfire and Loren was trained into a director! 20131231-212258.jpg20131231-212708.jpg

•The city of Corvallis had a lot of our hours and sweat: no regrets, I loved every minute of it. Such great relationships were built 20131231-213209.jpg

•Loren and I were immensely blessed by our bosses/leaders at Corvallis Church. The Millers took the staff families to Lincoln City for a weekend of bliss and pure refreshment.20131231-213327.jpg20131231-213338.jpg20131231-213350.jpg

•Our youth group spent way too much time in our apartment and we upgraded to borrowing a church's sanctuary! 20131231-213436.jpg20131231-213444.jpg


•Fourth of July rocked. We watched the fireworks with about 35 people from church. It was such a special evening: we even started the National Anthem that spread through the crowd.20131231-213546.jpg

•The Brenner household cooked and hosted two Thanksgiving dinners


•I saved money in a jar and had an adventure to Canada. I had the privilege of visiting one of my best friends, Haley. I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, learned how to knit, and so much more 20131231-222035.jpg20131231-222047.jpg20131231-222529.jpg20131231-222618.jpg20131231-222630.jpg

•I had my first {of hopefully many} experience as a woman servant; also known as a Doula.

•Christmas was more of a blessing than I could have asked for. I saw family members I rarely see, ate a lot of bacon, collected too many $0.99 VHS's from goodwill, and got a Kitchen Aid! Our most meaningful relationships have deepened beyond reason.

We were completely gifted to go to Idaho! And what a blessed week this has been. What amazing people we know in this state. The impacts they are making impress me and move me towards action. The people we have met with have reminded me that true heroes are not those who build security into every area of life, but rather live merely by trusting in the constant provision of "daily bread." The heroes in my life are those who pour their life out as an offering for others. 20131231-225016.jpg






Idaho has been a great closing to our year. We have seen many people we love, spent cherishing moments with those we rarely see. We stayed up until midnight playing monopoly {that is 4 hours later than I would want to be awake}. It's been refreshing.

To end the year, we play a really nerdy game in an apartment rented by people I've never heard of. They have the best toilet paper I've ever laid eyes on.




Here is to a Happy New Year. My heart is flourishing because of the life Jesus has offered and will continue to offer to me. Our life is shorter than I can comprehend and I look forward to what 2014 brings.