A Week of Prayer & Fasting: Reflection.

20140124-144935.jpgAs I prepare coconut-caramel-chocolate yumminess and blueberry muffins (paleo style!) I cannot help but thank Jesus for such deliciousness. All week I have wanted sweets but oddly delighted in telling my flesh that I am not sustained by the pleasures of this world, but by the grace and strength of the God who made it. As my hunger for things like eggs, meat, and chocolate chips grew, I decided to give into thanksgiving that God has even given us such gifts! That He has allowed us to invent things to satisfy our taste buds. I was drawn into gratitude that those things aren't what give me strength, but He is. And that's so true!


Through the week, I picked specific topics/people/areas to bring to The Lord in prayer:

Monday I prayed against abortions, and for those who are involved. (Promoters, pregnancy females, organizations ). I sought redemption on their behalf, forgiveness, freedom, and so much more! My heart deepened for those who have chosen to go the route of abortion - I ache for their salvation and joy, for their peace of wholeness.

Tuesday I prayed for trust in a few specific areas of my life. A few verses that I stuck with for the day were: Matthew 6:33 --> God has proven himself trustworthy in my own life. When we seek His kingdom, He never fails to provide for us. Psalm 33:4, 20, 21; 34:10 During that evening's prayer & worship gathering, a man said "The release of control is to trust."


Wednesday was humility focused. Psalm 51:17 "The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit, You will not reject a broken & repentant heart, O God." All sin is rooted in pride (C.S Lewis), but what we must not fall into is naming ourselves as prideful. This is dangerous. We must not see our identity as pride, but rather note it and seek a broken and repentant spirit.

Thursday we prayed into forgiveness. During the worship & prayer gathering that evening, I asked Jesus what it would look like to walk in forgiveness? This is what I ended up with: -To be light hearted -To be confident in The Lord, in me -To have joy -To walk in the assurance of grace, sharing that assurance with all I come into contact with -To hope & believe the best of others -To not walk in shame -To see with understanding and compassion

Loren said it beautifully, "We don't have time to hold grudges and focus on being wronged. We are called to something so much bigger, offenses don't matter."

Tonight is the last night! We will be breaking fast together with communion.


Through each day this week, although I have spent time on particular topics, Jesus has been speaking something very clearly to me. I want to share, because I wonder if maybe He would like you to hear the same thing?

"Be confident in the Spirit that I have given you. Use the gifts that I have designed for you. Stop quenching Me when I put pressure on your heart to move, to speak, to pour Truth into people's lives."

Everyday, that has been pressing into my heart deeper. Along with that, is the assurance that I do not want to do or say anything that is not of His heart. I don't want to confront someone if I am expecting them to meet MY standards...I only want to confront if I feel as though I am being asked to (by Jesus himself!) and only that it may be to hold someone to His standard. I do not want to live by my agenda, but His. With His heart in my body.

I am 100% excited for tonight's worship & prayer gathering. The individuals that gather are beautiful - I see Jesus in each and every one of them. Every last one. I pray that the room is packed full tonight, that the seats will not be enough.

Cheers to a transforming week and reflecting on it! Go do some soul searching, some Kingdom seeking.