Girls of Grace

girls of grace Good morning, dear ones.

It is Wednesday and it feels like forever since we have chatted on this space; though it's only been two weeks. I have missed writing to you.

This morning I woke early. The sun didn't shine it's face for nearly two hours after I opened my eyes and breathed in the fresh air of the morning.

My girls, I want to thank you. You may or may not have noticed (probably not because your life isn't all about me) but I have been in a funk. A funk of business, selfishness really. But you have shown me more grace than I would have asked you for. I am so grateful that you create a space of safety, where I can be me and you can be you and we can be human. As I thought on and prayed for you this morning, I realized what graceful girls you are. And this is something I pray you do not lose.

Being girls of grace will work miracles in your life. This isn't a transactional thing, but really a simple truth that is reality. Every time you extend grace to someone, including yourself, you will be overcome with a sense of peace and relief and joy that doesn't always make sense. When you choose forgiveness and mercy over hard hearted bitterness and irritation, your soul will naturally rejoice and in those moments, you will find Jesus. In those moments you will find freedom, releasing any tension you may have been holding. It's miraculous, really.

Do not lose heart. Do not stop sharing His grace with others. Jesus has conquered this world and you are His beloveds. When your immediate response leans towards lashing out in quick anger or a heart dripping with jealousy, remember that grace is freedom and freely given to you. You can accept it and choose it and claim it as yours. Remember that jealousy and hate and bitterness is prison and that the natural way of this culture is not freedom-grace.

Grace, a pure hearted offer extending forgiveness and mercy, is completely freeing. Grace works wonders.

Grace restores.

Grace redeems.

Grace is given and received, it is shared.

And you, dear girls, are drenched in it. You are drenched in Christ's grace and I pray that you continue to walk in it and share it with others.

I am praying for you today.