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My name is Natalie and I recently stepped out of a marriage of six years.

 I’ll never forget the dark days leading up to the decision of asking my husband at the time to move out. It was pain-filled, confusing, rattling, and terrifying.

I was so scared.

Would I survive this?

Would I make it through the next day, let alone through the trenches of the end of a marriage?

How would I parent the five children in my home?

How would I provide for them?

Could I heal from what had happened?

Was I brave enough to truly step into the unknown of divorce?

Would God actually have good for me on the other side? Or would He be shaking His finger at me, disappointed that my feeble attempts to fix dysfunction never actually worked?

Would my family believe me, care about me, support me? Or would they attack me, perpetuate dysfunction, and hurt me more?

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I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I had diarrhea. I vomited. I lost weight. I got into multiple support groups. I reached out to friends. I had community rally around me and my kids. I had people bringing us meals, helping me with bed time, offering to clean my house, do my laundry, run my errands, send me groceries. I have two mentors who check in on me frequently. I have accountability people who check in with me about what I do in “free time.” My therapy went from 2 times a month to weekly. I’ve done more self-care in recent months than I’ve done in my adulthood, combined altogether.

Somehow, six months later, I feel free and hopeful and confident there IS grace on the other side of divorce. There CAN BE healing. There CAN be redemption.

I’m working on a little project. I want to compile essays written by other women who have walked through the throes of divorce. I want to put together a BOOK that shares real stories of real women who decided to step out of dysfunction and unhealth, and choose themselves.

I believe Glennon Doyle says something about “If you have to choose between saving your marriage and saving your soul, choose your soul.”

I am learning that I am so worth loving, just like the next person.

SO. Please submit your story. What we are looking for is to hear about coming to the conclusion that divorce had to happen, how it felt to make that decision or maybe have that decision made for you, the feelings/emotions/thoughts you walked through in those beginning days + weeks + months, how you pursued health and healing, and what life looks like now.

We are not looking for tons and tons of details about how dysfunctional your marriage was, but you are more than welcome to explain as needed to help the reader understand.

Anywhere between 1,000 to 2,000 words is acceptable.


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