let justice roll podcast

“But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.”

Amos 5:24

Candid conversations with founders Christina and Natalie on justice through the lens of the gospel. Frequently visited topics are race, adoption and foster care, culture, and more.


christina causey, let justice roll podcast


natalie brenner, let justice roll podcast


…is a mom through foster care, adoption, and biological birth who cares deeply about the way systems stack against her friends, family, and children of color. Natalie grew up in a small, predominantly white, farming town in rural Oregon but now lives in Portland.

She was married for six years and is now walking the journey of singleness in a Christian culture that shames divorce. Excited to tear down boxes, Natalie prefers honesty above flattery and is dedicated to a Shame Free Life.

Natalie is passionate about grace and truth, believing we can all love a lot better than we dare to imagine. She is learning what it means to be white in a racially tense culture, trying to stay in her lane while not remaining silent.

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