“I would adopt if it weren’t so expensive.”

Have you heard that before? You’ve probably said it yourself, hence why you are here. Possibly you are dabbling with the idea of adopting but aren’t sure you can afford the outrageous fees. Maybe you are already confident adoption is for you, but you are clueless as to how you’ll finance it.

It’s possible you are considered low income working as a photographer (that’s me!), or high income with a career as a doctor, or even an average-medium income working a desk job that “just pays the bills” and a bit more. No matter your income or salary, adoption fees appear unrealistically large and even impossible leading you to wonder if “a youth pastor and part-time photographer like us” could afford to adopt. That was who we were when we decided to jump into adoption: a youth pastor and very part-time photographer.

Whatever the reason you find yourself reading this book, I am glad you’re here and I hope this little book helps you feel confident as you approach financing your adoption.



"In 30-pages packed with valuable insight and personal experiences, Brenner first walks readers through deciding whether fundraising is a good option for them. Next, she explores dozens of creative fundraising opportunities that have been tried and tested by other adoptive families." Read full book review here.

Let’s face it; one of the most intimidating parts of adopting is the cost. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you read Natalie’s enlightening Financing Adoption With Fundraising. Reading it is like talking to your charming best friend that happens to be knowledgeable and experienced in making successful fundraising a reality. Short on ideas? She’s got you. Scared to try fundraising? She’s got you. It’s a must-read for your adoption journey.
—Crystal Perkins, Editor In Chief of
As an adoption consultant, one of the biggest roadblocks I hear from hopeful adoptive families is the huge task of realistically funding their adoption. Couples who desperately want to step into adoption and feel called to it, but feel like the high costs are insurmountable. In her book, Natalie shares honestly and transparently about how they financed their adoption. I was honored to watch as they paired their modest income with some creative fundraising ideas and invited their village into their story. The result? An amazing story of how God brought their son home against what most would say were impossible financial hurdles. Grab your favorite pen and notebook, you’ll be sure to find hope, encouragement, and practical advice you can use for your own story.
—Susan VanSyckle, LBSW, CLC, Adoption Consultant Director,
Natalie’s love for God, adoption, and helping others shines in Financing Adoption with Fundraising. In this book, Natalie talks about how to overcome the fear and opposition of fundraising, which can paralyze you in your adoption journey. This stood out to me most: “Your child? He or she is waiting for you. They are worth ‘the ask. They are worth building your village.’ They are worth humbling ourselves time and time again, to ask for help and invite people onto this beautiful journey of adoption.
—Audrey Turner, Mom by adoption
Natalie Brenner’s passion for helping others with their adoption journey is evident in her writing. The personal experiences she shares, along with tips from other adoptive families, make this an excellent resource for anyone considering adoption.
—Jessie Santala, Mom by adoption, Author