Our Wedding Details: Money & Decor & Photos

wedding on a budget Our wedding cost our personal pockets under $1,000.

We were given $1,000 in addition which was used for our honeymoon. Loren and I had a short, yet all too long, three month engagement. I was ecstatic to be Mrs Loren Michael Brenner. We were so blessed with our wedding. Many people warned me through our engagement that I will be stressed out and the wedding day will be full of anxiety: I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be! When you don't put the purpose of a wedding on the wedding, it lightens your heart and you are able to focus on what matters. At the end of the day, you're getting married!

Before I begin the money & decor details: we continuously reminded each other to put more focus and preparation on our relationship with Jesus and with one another. We focused on our upcoming marriage and the life we were about to begin building. Celebrating marriage is needed! A wedding is a gift to so many for various reasons. But in preparing and planning for a wedding, I urge you to spend more time cultivating a healthy relationship. Example: when you begin to get flustered that your invitations are not printing correctly, and you are sick and tired of stamping them, (or whatever the struggle is) focus on how you treat your fiance - it is in the messiness of the planning when we grow, whether towards Beauty or ugly. It is in the patience for sexual intimacy that you will flourish and be blessed, on your wedding night and beyond. In the difficult moments, don't lash out and lose control of your tongue, causing damage that may last months, years, but choose to serve your future spouse, rather than tear them down. Build. Begin the building now.

>>Pre-Marital Counseling<<

Do it! Find a married mentor in your life who you look up to and who lives a life and leads a marriage worth following. Ask them questions, ask them to pour into you as an engaged couple, seek out guidance. It is healthy and teaches you how to navigate communication in ways you didn't realize you needed. It directs you to conversations that need to be had. It forces honesty and truth. Pre-Marital Counseling is something I will always recommend.

>>The Bride to Groom Reveal<<

The Bride to Groom Reveal

The Bride to Groom Reveal

The Bride to Groom Reveal


The Bride to Groom Reveal


The Bride to Groom Reveal

The Bride to Groom Reveal

The Bride to Groom Reveal


The Bride to Groom Reveal


>>The details<<

Our wedding cost our personal pockets under $1o00. Our honeymoon about $1,000, which was given to us up front to pay for.

>>The Dress<<

Haley and I accidentally found it and purchased at House of Vintage on Hawthorne BLVD in Portland, OR for $75.

We took to lace off of the top and moved the sleeves to cuff-like sleeves. We also took off about 2 feet and used the extra fabric to make our flower girl's tutu!

With hemming and alteration: $235

Dress fitting 4 Dress fitting 5 Dress fitting 6 Dress fitting 16 Dress fitting 17 Dress fitting 21

The Bride & Groom

At the altar Flower girl, ring bearer, outside wedding, avery park See her tutu? We used the extra fabric from my dress to make her a tutu. The old Bible the ring bearer is carrying has the rings tied to it - the Bible was purchased at the antique mall.

>>The Venue<<

Rented from 8 am to 10 pm: $175 Thompson Shelter at Avery Park in Corvallis, OR *Included in this venue was a huge grassy area with tall trees surrounding, a very large parking lot, a play ground, a shelter equipped with a kitchenette as well as picnic tables.

Tall trees and blue skies

Trees at Avery Park, wedding

Swing set wedding photo

>>Engagements photos: $50<<

Julia green - a friend favor, because she knew we were on a tight budget.

>>Invitations: $40<<

Card stock paper, printed photos onto 4x6, two on each, making it inexpensive. We were given paper. Then we printed them at my mom's office, for free. Folded them up without an envelope and wax-sealed them with a B! Thank you, mom, for postage!

>>Flowers: $20<<

Heather, my friend, gave up her garden roses as well as her beautiful gift of arranging! What a blessed gift. I also had two youth girls pick some Queen Ann's Lace from the fields! One of my bridesmaids had some left over teal silk flowers that we painted peach to add to the stage. We also paid about $20 for a few extra flowers for center pieces, from a local farm.

The little details of the wedding

Silk Flowers

>>The little small detailed decorations: $100ish<<

Suitcases found a goodwill as well as my mothers garage; $15 Apple crates found in my mothers garage Doors backdrop found in my mothers garage (didn't even pain them!); $5 for the hinges Burlap found in my mothers garage as well as bought a few extra yards; $15 Lace found at goodwill in the form of drapes and table cloths; $10 Mason jars donated by many ladies part of Corvallis Church String & twine found at goodwill $3 Mini keys tied to mason jars found online, package 150 for $30 Ribbon bought online for $8 Frames & window screens, I had Guest book: $0.98 at goodwill - we razored out the written-on pages! Mini red chalk boards purchased by a friend Desk is mine Twinkle lights from my mama

Favors done by my grandma: she bought tinsel and tied bird seed into little pieces!

>>Food: $100<<

I bought 3 $50 gift cards to Safeway and asked 3 ladies at church to plan out finger foods for 250 people! They did it all, prepared it, brought it, and served them!

>>Our cake and guest's cup cakes<<

They never showed up, which is totally okay because at the end of the day, we were married! Heather, our friend, ran to the Safeway and purchased a small cake for us to cut.

Cutting the cake Cutting the cake

>>Our shoes: $75<<

We custom ordered red Converse, each engraved. Mr Brenner & Mrs Brenner

>>Hair & Makeue<<

Free. Done by my sister Kayla Newbold who is a beautician.

The Bride to Groom Reveal Just married, heading into reception


Made by Grandma. She used the flower from her veil.


IMG_6912 Veil, birdcage

>>Bridesmaid dresses<<

Almost all of them purchased their own, but they were each under $20 at Forever 21! Peach.


Shirt & pants bought at Old navy. We bought them their bow ties for a total of $3.98 online. They also bought brown converse.

Groomsman, Bridesmaid

We had the BEST friends in our wedding!

Groomsmen, suspenders, green outfits

>>Loren's attire<<

He bought the same pants at Old Navy. We found a red and cream pinstriped shirt on clearnace at Macy's. Bought his bow tie for $0.72 online! We rented his cream vest at Men's Warehouse.

Bride + Groom IMG_6870

>>The stage<<

Free. Corvallis Church let us use theirs along with their sound equipment! We asked two men that are part of our church to play music for us.

Trunk, suitcases, wedding decor, lace Hiding the speaker with an apple crate & suitcase; wedding Wedding details Apple crates; lace from goodwill Door backdrop, wedding, Avery park

>>Wedding photos<<

Done by Timothy Monson at the most reasonably blessed price - he was my youth pastor. My mom split the cost with us.

Seriously, I will never forget the wedding week. It was SUCH. A. BLAST. Brides: please, soak it in. Slow down and remember to carry a light heart. Your life is so much better, and hey, lets be real - so is every one else's. The last thing you want to do is remember being so stressed out that you didn't enjoy your wedding week or wedding day. What a beautiful time of friendship building, memory making, and reunions of friends and family!

Over all, we had the help of an amazing community. There is no way we would have had the beautiful wedding we were blessed wit without them all. It was a special day I will never forget. Gods grace and love was stamped all over the day and celebration.

Because we did not spend thousands on the wedding, we were able to give gifts to those who played a major role in helping us with the wedding as well as those who gave us (and still do!) marital advice. They believe in us and the calling Jesus was placing on our lives as a family unit-to be.

I can't tell you how many women from our church community had donated/lent/offered to give us things. The community that we are blessed with amazes me time and time again. What would I do without them? I pray that you are just as blessed in your days of wedding planning. I hope that you flourish as you prepare for your marriage. I dream that you see Jesus's love in what marriage is. Click here to read my Purpose of Marriage post.

God is amazing. I am excited to forever celebrate & dance on August 11.

Bride + Groom, forest Bride + Groom, photography Bride & Groom Bride + Groom, photography, forest First dance as a married couple First dance as a married couple Wedding Party Table - reception Sending off the bride & groom Send off, bride + groom, old car

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