Celebrate Your Spouse.

I have discovered the key to being excited for your spouse's birthday:

plan it. celebrate it. celebrate your spouse.

Study him, know what he is wanting or needing. Ask him for a list if you need to. Take notes. Literally, write down anything he says he likes or loves doing and plan to do this on the day to celebrate him! I now have 3 things in mind to purchase over the months for Christmas. Which leads to my next helping idea: order or purchase his gifts ahead of time.  I ordered some of Lorens gifts months before his birthday, and I could not wait for his day to come! I was antsy to celebrate his amazingness and remind him of my precious adoration for his soul.

Loren's love language is gifts. This was a perfect opportunity to cover him with love. It required time, but is well worth it, friends. Even if it's late at night, pouring time and energy into your marriage keeps it kickin.

I wrapped Loren's presents with paper bags from Trader Joes and in the corner of each gift, I wrote a small note. On the bottom of the package, I wrote the order to be given; example: 2a, 2b, 2c. I had a plan, you see. I had been purchasing these gifts over the last few months so I could spread it all out and give him a cavity (because I am so sweet, you see) by filling up his love tank. He is always cherishing me and honoring me, it was my turn to go all out. {Though, there shouldn't be turns..we should just do it, as nike says}.

Gift for husband

Lucky for me, we had guests in our home the night before who were up at 5 am. So I was able to easily wake up and get out of bed by 6 am to begin the day #celebrateLoren. I set his first present on the bed and headed to the kitchen to begin making his favorite breakfast!

Celebrating your spouses birthdayCelebrating your spouses birthday Celebrating your spouses birthday  Celebrating your spouses birthday

Celebrating your spouses birthday

I sure did sing to him. It may have been in crazy voices, because he is crazy, but I sang alright. My awkward embarrassment was worth his smile.

celebrating husbands birthday

After he ate breakfast, I gave him present 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d! It was essential to begin our day right.

celebrate your spouse

celebrate your spouse

celebrate your spouse

celebrate your spouse

celebrate your spouse

IMG_0255 celebrate your spouse celebrate your spouse

After we enjoyed the smoothest coffee of our lives, we did the normal morning routine of brushing our teeth and combing our hair like good boys and girls. Loren had a morning of preaching ahead of him, so I picked out some Psalms to read and prayed over him. What a sweet morning it was.

celebrate your spouse

He then preached and I loved every bit of it, as I usually do. He did his part two on the book of Philemon. He focused on forgiveness and how coming home to Christ is forgiving and being forgiven. My two favorite nuggets:

[If forgiveness pulls us closer to God, lack of forgiveness pushes us away from God.] [Your willingness to forgive may bring someone closer to Christ.]

You can hopefully find it HERE. He preached 7/13/14 Re:United.

celebrate your spouse

because, who doesnt love baby feet?

We had some special guests visit our church: the Conners! One of our youth students and her parents came. Claire made Loren this beautiful gift:

home made mug

home made mug

The World Cup happened to be after church; naturally the best way to love Loren was to go to Cloud & Kelley's Pub.  World Cup commence.

The World Cup ends, we go home and literally take a 2 hour nap. Preaching wipes him out, as it does any pastor. And me? I am always exhausted on Sundays. I could sleep for 17 hours straight at any given moment.

We then put on some beautiful music, sipped coffee, and read. Because those are his favorite things.

celebrate your spousecelebrate your spouse

Guess what? The Timbers were playing the Sounders, and because we don't have internet or any sort of television, we needed to go to the Pub again! Our soccer hang out. So out we went, sitting in the same seat as earlier and being served by the same wonderful waitress. It was joy and like going home. Almost. Also, I had to equip him for this game.

celebrating my spouse

I know, I know, you can't see it - well you can see a corner of it. I got him his very first Portland Timbers t shirt! He is now a real fan: sticking with them through their losing season and sporting their name.

Loren amazes me. He complains about nothing, he works hard, he is a man of integrity. He holds onto God's word tightly with confidence. He supports me in all that I do and am. He reminds me that life is an adventure and we get to live it together. God has used him in many ways to sharpen me into a better human, and for that, I am grateful to Jesus. Our adventures together have been the best this far; full of lots of prayers and tears and growing pains, and lots of joy and laughter and great memories made. I can only look into the future with hope and excitement.

I am so thankful for a spouse who wants to know me and love me. He wants to serve me even when I'm an outright brat. And hey, vice versa. Neither of us are angels by any means. I'm grateful for a man wise enough to end the day with prayer and loving enough to ask forgiveness. He is more godly than I dreamed possible at such a young age...so Jesus, to you I salute. To you, I thank. Ya done good.

- - -

What I learned from this day was the immense gratitude Loren feels when I choose to celebrate him. When I showed my care and love for him by planning out his day and purchasing gifts we wouldn't otherwise purchase, he was over joyed. He knew I loved him. He was celebrated and valued. Even if it means saving a little money each month, do it, friend. Discipline yourself and celebrate your spouse -- I have a jar that I put $5 in every paycheck. When I can, I put $10. It may not be much, but it adds up when you are wanting to love someone with their love language of gifts!

Remind your spouse why you value him/her.

Celebrate your spouse. Because they are worth celebrating.

And when all else fails, watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air.