Wives & Fiances: Don't Hold Back

I'm engaged to an amazing man who strives after the Lord and craves to have a heart after God. He sees and counts on Jesus through everything and treats me like a true princess: he picks me flowers, buys me chocolate after a rough day, he writes me encouraging notes. He looks me straight in the eyes and tells me I'm beautiful. He holds my hand. He takes me out to MY favorite restaurant when it's his turn to pick. He prays for me. He prays with me. He completely serves me; he is selfless. He pours sacrificial love like the Niagra falls. His heart is beautiful. He is all I could ever dream of AND MORE.

I often feel myself holding back. I have always craved to serve God through loving people, and yet I fear to love this man "more than Jesus." Ever said or thought that?

My thoughts are brewing through selflessness, love, and appreciation. All my life I've coveted the title "wife," and anticipated serving a man with all I am, to encourage one man, to make him food, to help him grow towards Jesus, to have a family. Then I met Loren & instantly knew (in the basketball court of Winema) he was that one single man I wanted.

My fear of placing Loren before my Savior is holding me back, is hindering my potential. I've done that before and I don't want to go thru it again.

The idea that "Whatever is in the God seat in your life, God will strip it away so he can get to your heart" has haunted me for over a year. I want to protect this relationship I have with Loren. But you see, I have it all wrong. Yes, I fail by living for man, by breathing for man, by letting man control who I am and then disfiguring the woman God created me to be, JUST SO maybe man would love me.

Let me suggest a new idea, to myself and possibly to you: Love Christ through Loren. (Or whoever your spouse/fiancé is!).

Don't diminish God to a number on a priority list. The way we express love to God is through others and our spouse is first and most.

God's love through everything. First with our spouse.

You can't measure love. It is a losing battle to think of loving God more or less than someone. There is no such thing as "loving more". It implies love is measurable.

We can look to someone for validation more than we look to God but that's not love. That's self focused.

Love {Loren} with everything I have and let it be glorifying to God!

Safe tractoring! And pure loving.

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