Packing Husband's Lunch

When the 6:30 am alarm interrupts my attempt at sleeping, I know it's time: Time to hit the snooze button.

I was in a routine, once. A routine where I woke up at 6:30 to pack Loren's lunch at my own pace and with tender care {gotta handle those sandwiches nicely}. Because I was up at this horrificly wonderful hour, I was also able to COOK him breakfast. Yes! Hot breakfast! You name it, sister: pancakes, eggs, French toast, bacon, oatmeal with time I made cinnamon rolls. This lasted a good 13 months. Slowly, I gave in to that extra half hour of sleep and quit fighting myself. I would wake up 5 minutes before he needed to go out the door and quickly throw a lunch together. Quickly.

I have circled back around, folks! I am improving! I haven't been making hot breakfasts but I have been preparing the cereal! I was reminded how loving it is to husband when I make his lunch, and his breakfast with coffee before he goes off to work at Trillium. I was reminded that I don't want to give in to laziness {because that was my case}. Really, what is 30 minutes? A lot. I know. But to be able to do something as little as get his bowl of cereal ready and make a cup of coffee is so helpful -- that way he can spend his time eating and reading {his Bible}, rather than prepping all this food. I get to play a small and yet crucial part in giving him time with Jesus, in providing a calm morning before the storm of craziness at Trillium.

On the days he doesn't work at Trillium, he makes me breakfast. He almost always scrambles eggs or prepares oatmeal. This is one of the ways he loves me - I don't ask him to do this, he does it because it loves him when I do it. He does it because it is part of his love language -- he is giving me love through the service & thought of preparing my breakfast. If I'm thinking straight, I remember that the ways he actively loves me almost always is the key to how I get to actively love him. It's great!

On the financial note, you save gallons of dollars packing lunches from home.

A couple months ago I set out to making pretty lunch notes. I spent 1 hour and made 35 simple yet fun double-sided notes.

20140319-191917.jpg Totally worth it ladies! I highly encourage this. I remember Loren leaving me lunch notes when I worked at the bank -- every one always contained a swoon-sentence or five, a reminder that he is praying for me, and a verse. That was my template! These words speak love & appreciation to my man while he is at work, helping provide for us. These notes build him up. These notes turn my heart towards him. If you aren't able to set time aside to create pretty notes, napkins & sharpie work just the same. Or write on his plastic baggie before you stick the sandwich in! Who doesn't like to be told their being thought of? Swoon your man!

I encourage and empower you: if you're the wife of a working man, take time to prep and pack his lunch. Pack it with love and a cheerful heart. Pray for him while doing so. Whether the night before or morning of. Even prepping a bowl of oats with fruit ready to be toppings for breakfast or whipping eggs into a scramble will take little time but can mean the world. Ask your husband what it would mean to him, and go from there.

Lunch love notes are simple, easily dismissed, and often un-thought of. Lunch love notes are one more way to serve your spouse. Lunch love notes could change your marriage.


Proverbs 31:12, 15 She brings him good, not harm,all the days of her life. She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her householdand plan the day’s work for her servant girls.