Marriage is not a competition

marraige is not a competition Not only are the dishes scattered on every available surface, but they are covered in crusty chunks of food that is going to be a real pain to pick off. Chunks that won't simply fall off with the heat of water hitting their existence...chunks of food that are actually super glued with sauce to the plate. The croc-pot has been "soaking" in hot cold water for the last four days, waiting for my attention. The dishwasher's green light has been lit up since  Sunday, signaling that the clean dishes await their homes in our too-small of cupboards. The trash resides in the middle of the kitchen, filling an Amazon box that once held $20 boots (because my 3 year hand me downs had holes in them...correct I do not purchase a new pair with each season). The brown rings in the toilet? I see them and I have decided they won't jump out as a dragon to kill anyone. Don't mind the piles of books and loose papers and randomness. Yes, you do actually see a pop-sickle stick licked almost clean on the carpet. No, we don't even have children. And exercising! Who even has the energy to wake up at 5 am to go on a run anymore? And then there is blogging....blogging is time consuming and scary and big and sometimes feels like, "Why am I even trying to write? Does this matter? People are better than me. People have cooler lives than me with cooler stories and much more AWESOMENESS. Whine whine whine, inadequacy inadequacy inadequacy. "

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