My Handsome Charming.

I never imagineda man so honest so noble so true. until I met you. cliche? yes.  but let it through. as honest as honest can be I tell you, what I can see and many would agree, I have married a rare being. handsome, noble, freeing.

the day I was let go of bondage so tightly wound around my heart, I craved God, I chose to follow never to depart. as I sat on that dune my heart cried a tune it had never cried, a tune of pure commune with our Creator God. freedom had been won my chains had been broken I was finally ready to be done. done with the lie I fought to live done with the amount of heartache I'd give done with constant pain and tears of agony I was ready to fully forgive. and let go of him..

I stared at the roaring ocean through tear-watered eyes with such deep emotion.

I wish I had words to describe this motion that was finally in notion. completely healed after two years. it was a sudden & immediate occurrence as if my heart had undergone transference. I stood with excitement at my heart's refinement. a mystery I cannot explain and to this day I strain my brain trying to figure it out, feeling insane, but once again landing on the confidence that it was purely my Creator. the only One who can surely heal the deep rooted wounds of a soul so ballooned with sorrow.

Suddenly and somehow, I got you: a man.  a godly righteous man. created for leadership built with courage walking with integrity. the sincerity of your heart the dexterity of your brain the verity of your being is so freeing.

your raw honesty is quite possibly a novelty and is surely seldom and unlikely in most people. thank you for loving God  through and through. with all that you do. I pray I never have to live without you.

for the rest of my life I wish to serve you. I vow to love God  by loving Him through you. I plan to humble myself, even when its tough I crave to be with you when life gets rough. but more than that when it is full of joy blessings and sunshine. I will be on the frontline cheering you on as we run life's marathon as partners and best friends. as long as our breath is spent I will be by your side rooting you on being more than a wife and pushing away my pride. lets risk the ocean together with complete and whole devotion.



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