Day 8: Building Respect Habits

(Read Day 7 HERE)Day Eight: Be Thankful 25 Days of Building Respect Habits

The byproduct of being thankful is joy. Today we hammer down two habitats in one and our husbands shall be blessed!

I want to pause and encourage you. It has been a week - a full 7 days of training our minds, hearts, and actions to serve our spouse. I applaud you! You are running the race and choosing glory, choosing the higher purpose of marriage. Do not be discouraged, friend. Even if you haven't seen the fruit of this habit-building yet, I am sure it is to come! Continue praying for your spouse, let your heart turn towards him. And always, always lean hard into Jesus. He can handle it - He will uphold you when you feel weak, when you feel as though you've given your all. Lean into Him and allow His strength to build you up! You are so loved.

Be thankful today, for the big and obvious as well as the small and minute. Be thankful for the ugly-beautiful: find ways to give thanks even when in the midst of trial. Whether it's screaming kids or a demanding boss, find reasons to give thanks - even something as simple as your child's cowlick that has been there since birth! In giving thanks our attitudes will be that of gratitude, we will be so joyful that it will flow into others! Including out husbands. Give thanks for your husband; choose to see ways to give thanks.

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