2014 Blog Review: goodbye Brenner Bunch

blog review 2014 This blog had over 20,000 views in 2014. For most bloggers, that isn't many. For me, that is a lot - 2013 this space had approximately 4,000 views. As I have been stating this entire week, we are changing things up a lot!

Moving to a new domain and URL, defining the purpose of these pages, and growing infinitely excited about how God might use this space. This entire process has been covered in prayer and joy as I step into this risky move. I am grateful to have freedom to write and share openly about how Christ is transforming me - how I am learning how deeply broken and messed up I am but how real His grace is. I will never understand the reality many face in this world - the reality of being kept shut up and unable to share their love for Christ. As we move from 2014 and on into 2015, I'll share my heart, vulnerably, honestly, riskily, on the new pages with the wild dream that you may fall in love with Him and His love letter.

If you are an email subscriber, expect an email in the next 24 hours! You will be the first to see the new site, if your time allows. Wordpress followers, I could not find your emails!

Here were the top hits for 2014. Take a look before we move on over to NatalieBrennerWrites.com!

Goodbye Brenner Bunch. I already miss you, but know this is right.

With joy and hope,

Natalie Brenner