Here is the intro to If I Can Write A Book So Can You.


It's not rare for me to have my inbox flooded with emails asking how I wrote and published my book, This Undeserved Life: Uncovering the Gifts of Grief and Fullness of Life.

Like you, my time is limited and only decreasing in availability.

I would love to answer each individual email to guide you through the process, but that's impossible. I'm just me: wife to LB, mama to two under age two, all while building a photography business and writing career.

As much as I love seeing new names in my inbox, I feel equally bummed for not having the capacity to respond to everyone. I created this small guide to offer you greater value than I could in a quick response email.

I am no genius regarding self-publishing. I have learned from many others and continue to glean from them.

“Which publishing route should I take?” I’m often asked. “Should I try traditional, or self-publishing?” Being picked up by a traditional publisher is rare and difficult. You can write better than a Zondervan author, but if `your platform and reach isn't big enough, it's unlikely you'll receive a book deal. (Read: TRADITIONAL VS SELF PUBLISHING: THE LAST DECISION GUIDE YOU’LL NEED by Tim Grahl).

I decided my book was worth the time, energy, and resources needed to self-publish. The book I wrote was the book I needed many times over, and my gut said others needed it to.

I also knew if I was going to do this—write a book—I was going to do it well and right, and began taking myself seriously. Altogether, my writing to publishing process took nine months. It takes work to create a book: writing, rewriting, developmental editing, line-editing, proofreading, designing the cover, having the interior formatted, endorsements received, creating bonuses, and writing two free eBooks to help build my email list.

Here’s the deal: if I can write a book with two babies under age one, without a nanny, a working husband going to grad school, run my photography business, and engage with church community, you can too.

In this guide, you'll find the steps I took to write and self-publish my book. I have included other recommended resources, too.

Download your copy + the first seven chapters of This Undeserved Life, and my two free eBooks.